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In Defense of: Justin Bieber

Zoe Ambrozewska

Staff Writer

Well, it’s been a hell of a week for the Biebs; and he’s received a mountain of bad press for it. But is it all really justified?

It all began last Thursday (28th February), when following a performance in London Justin was seen running around shirtless. Although he did receive a certain amount of disapproval for this, my answer is why are we complaining? He looked good! I am very willing to accept his excuse of being sweaty after his show. I don’t see how Justin Bieber being shirtless really affects anything?


The second incident came on Friday 1st March – Justin’s 19th birthday, a day he claimed to be the ‘worst birthday ever.’ This was because he was refused entry to a club due to members of his entourage being underage. Now, I understand how dramatic it is to call it the ‘worst birthday ever’ (you’re still a rich teen pop sensation), but in comparison to his previous birthdays, it probably doesn’t rank too highly! As well as this, as a 17-year-old (whose friends are mostly 18!) living in the UK, I can empathise with him! I can see how frustrating this would be for him, and, as for most of today’s teenagers, those frustrations manifested themselves in a tweet. He just wanted to celebrate his birthday, guys!

Ok, now comes the event I really can’t justify in the slightest. On Monday 4th March, Justin was reportedly two hours late for his debut at the 02 Arena – although he claimed on Twitter that it was 40mins. Either way, in my opinion there is no excuse for this. It was a sold out show, and plenty of those in attendance had trains to catch home at specific times, or school the next day, meaning a large amount of people had left before Justin even took to the stage. I’m sorry but Justin was wrong here. 

The ‘eventful’ week continued with Justin collapsing during his Thursday 7th March concert, still in London. This is where things take a rather serious turn, as, no matter what, an individual’s health should come first. Justin does a lot for his fans, and the constant rehearsals and performances of a tour may have left him overworked. Let’s look at this logistically – during a show Justin sings and dances

at the same time

! This is obviously strenuous and may lead to problems breathing; I would definitely struggle, a lot! I know, I know, ‘it’s his job’ and ‘he’s done it before,’ but if he’s already stressed, or exhausted, or unwell, it could all take a somewhat severe toll on him. Despite this, Justin returned to the stage to finish the show! Good for you, Justin! 

To round off the week, Justin had a run in with a photographer. He has had issues with paparazzi in the past (as many celebrities have), and there are no doubts that fake stories and having cameras constantly shoved in your face would antagonise someone – he is only human after all!


During these confrontations with the paparazzi, Justin has received support from others in a similar position to himself, including TV personality Piers Morgan, and British heartthrob’s One Direction.



I can see how some would argue that when they become a celebrity and achieve overnight fame, individuals give up their right to privacy, and I can see how that would be true of some so-called celebrities, but I don’t see this to be true of Justin Bieber.  As a musician/singer/songwriter/performer, Justin is essentially doing a job he loves. A doctor, for example, who is doing a job he loves, is not subject to the same intrusions in their life. In addition to this, Justin is only 19-years-old. Not only is he under a lot of pressure for a teenager, but also, I know 19-year-olds, and Justin fares pretty well in comparison! He may not be an appropriate role model at the moment, but is it fair to give him the responsibility of being one when he’s only a kid himself?

So maybe lay off Justin for a bit? It’s been a week of unfortunate incidents and bad decisions, but he’s only 19 and he’s only human, it happens to the best of us.

What do you think? Do you completely disagree with me? I want to hear your thoughts! (COMING SOON!) (COMING SOON!)

Instagram: PopWrapped


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