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Introduce Yourself To The Comedic Musical Talents Of Mimi LaRue

Ryan Donnelly | PopWrapped Author

Ryan Donnelly

05/02/2016 6:23 pm
PopWrapped | Music
Introduce Yourself To The Comedic Musical Talents Of Mimi LaRue | Mimi LaRue
Media Courtesy of Twitter

From New York comes the comedic musical talents of Mimi LaRue, and, as expected, she isn’t wasting any time censoring her thoughts. Currently promoting the very pointed track entitled "Country Star", Mimi LaRue is taking aim at the current sad state of the pop-country music scene. The interesting part here is that Mimi isn’t just creating comedy gold, but she is also showcasing her obvious abilities as a musician. If it wasn’t for Mimi’s obvious artistic integrity, no doubt she could have a very successful career in the very genre she is poking fun at. Mimi LaRue has many sides to her artistic self, a comedian, actress, rapper, poet, and to top it off, a fragrance and handbag designer; she cannot be accused of not putting in enough effort.

A previously released track entitled "Product", is an outright assault of the systematic and soulless corporate pop-star churning machine. Putting the catchy music aside, can we really disagree with Mimi LaRue’s honest take on the lack of genuine humanity in creating a hit song? The song itself is well produced, which can only be expected on a song that spits venom all over songs that are known to be “over-produced”. As brilliant as it will be offensive for fans of the pop genre, this track is going to divide listeners right down the middle; which I think might be Mimi’s true goal.

Her take on the repetitive nature and lack of depth in the current rap scene is truly comical in the song entitled "Filler". Catchy beat, check. Annoying synth sound that belongs solely in the clubs, check. Talented vocal skills combined with lyrics about deep as a puddle, big check. "Filler" is another successful, and very relevant, opinion from the talented Mimi LaRue. As aggressive and brave as both "Country Star" and "Product", many fans are going to love what Mimi brings to the table with "Filler".

At first glance one might pass Mimi LaRue’s songs off for simple genre-jabbing-fun, but make no mistake, there is depth here, and a mission statement from Mimi LaRue for a more honest and genuine art scene. I would expect many artists to put up arms and rush to defend their art against these songs, but it is not necessary, because everyone knows who is faking it and who is not, what artists have been created, and which artists were truly born tot do this. It is obvious with her wide range of natural talents that Mimi was born to do this, and for that reason alone I would tell you to listen to any one of her three current singles.

Mimi LaRue can be found on Facebook, Twitter and CdBaby.


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