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Spoilers PopWrapped | Spoilers

It Can't Be Over Just Yet! White Collar's Season Finale Recap!!!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/07/2013 6:59 am
PopWrapped | Spoilers
It Can't Be Over Just Yet! White Collar's Season Finale Recap!!!

Tarra Matthews

Content Editor

Here’s What We Know:

 Hughes is OUT as White Collar Boss, Agent Calloway from Atlanta is IN; we don’t know much about her but she’s a FIESTY one! She watches everyone like a hawk, wants the quick win and MAY be working for the crooked Senator.

-          Neal’s Dad can’t be boxed in; leaving the safe (and suffocating) Safe House he was supplied by Mozzie, James returns to the city, eager to find the evidence box. And he’s got a soft spot for his son, despite Neal’s reservations

-          The location of Evidence Box is uncovered! Thanks to some state-of-the-art Bureau ‘borrowed’ technology and a floor buffer, Neal & Mozzie know the EXACT location of the box, ceiling of the 50th floor. Unfortunately, Calloway knows a little something too, but her search will have to range from floors 33-61. Too bad she doesn’t know a big team of highly trained Government agents…

 Okay Now We Can Proceed With The Finale! (SPOILERS)

 James and Neal start off the episode with a little heart-to-heart about what life is going to be like after the box and evidence get recovered and turned over to the proper authorities.  Is it going to be more an ending or a beginning?

 Calloway and Peter go toe-to-toe and Calloway shows her cards, revealing that she knows pretty much everything about Ellen’s evidence box thanks to Senator Pratt; except, she seems to be under the impression that the evidence contained within will implicate Neal’s Dad, not himself. If you listen back to Ellen’s video message she is never really that clear about what exactly she is collecting evidence-wise.  Perhaps she isn’t has much of a James Bennett fan as she appeared? May be she too, was in Pratt’s pocket?

 Hughes and Peter have an early morning breakfast meeting where Hughes informs Burke of his suspicions that Calloway is in Pratt’s pocket, revealing the information about the phone call she made to him the night before. Hughes encourages Peter to use Neal to his full potential to find the evidence box before the FBI investigators can swoop in and scoop up the box from under them. This means Neal, James & Mozzie will require a plan much faster than they anticipated and Jones & Diana will need to slow the FBI teams waaaaaay down.

 Of course, Senator Pratt throws a wrench in the whole plan (unknowingly, renting the only floor with direct access to the box, the 51st. On to sub-plan B where Neal and James are forced to confront Senator Pratt, a ruse to get close enough to clone his keycard and gain access to recover the box. The plan goes off almost without a hitch, oh wait… they assaulted a U.S. Senator and warrants were issued for their arrest. Good going guys!

 So not knowing they are public enemy #1 in the eyes of the FBI, the trio put their plan in action and get into position to recover the box. The most


part of the whole plan is Neal’s ‘proposal’ to Sarah, it’s heartfelt, tear inducing and it just makes you wonder how much was scripted and how much was based on pure emotional honesty. Good show Mr. Caffrey. 

 So Sarah and Neal are chilling on the observation deck (floor 103, NO THANKS!!) and James and Mozzie are using acid to extract the evidence box from above while the FBI is directly below, preparing to cut into the ceiling. The acid works and Mozzie & James take off with the box, higher and higher to rendezvous with Neal. The pair splits up, with each carrying a box, one being a decoy & one the real thing. James gets CAUGHT and brought to the Senator while Mozzie takes the box to Neal who puts it in their makeshift blimp and sets it off to safety.

 Guns are drawn and it’s Pratt vs. James. Peter tries to intervene but there’s just no stopping James Bennett who has been scorned by the law one too many times. He shoots Pratt died (with Peter’s gun) and when Peter tries to take him into custody, Peter must fire a warning shot that only really succeeds in scaring him away, putting him back in the wind. And look, Calloway shows up


in time to see Peter over Pratt’s dead body welding his gun, HOW AWESOME!! Obviously he has to be taken into custody, and the evidence him is pre-eeee-ty damning.

 And because any good accused cop killer and man on the run KNOWS you have to make a final stop at your son’s house before skipping town, Neal and James have one final tete-a-tete. Neal tells James he’s been going over Ellen’s report from the day the cop was murdered and what he found is not good. PLUS, James refuses to cop to shooting Pratt and Neal is forced to realize that his real father, James Bennett is a fraction of the man that his surrogate father, Peter Burke is. Neal Caffrey lost his real dad when he was 5 and maybe, just may be it should have stayed like that!

 So there you have it, White Collar is DONE for another season! HOW am I to survive now that Peter Burke is facing MURDER CHARGES?!?!? WHAT is Neal going to do with the evidence from the box now that he has it & are we ever going to see Sarah again now that she’s apparently off in London?

 Bring on the season premiere already PLEASE! (COMING SOON!) (COMING SOON!)

Instagram: PopWrapped   


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