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It Was "Elaine's Big Day" On The Season Finale Of New Girl!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


05/16/2013 7:35 pm
It Was

Caitlin Swift

Staff Writer

So Cece’s big day is finally here. We still aren’t sure where Nick and Jess stand, Elizabeth is accompanying Schmidt as his plus one, and Winston is just along for the ride. Jess’s father is still trying to do whatever he can to keep his daughter from making what he thinks will be the biggest mistake of her life. I mean really… How could Nick Miller be a mistake?

We find Cece surrounding by her family with Jess reassuring her that her wedding day will be a success. In the middle of her pep talk Schmidt walks in thinking he had found the bathroom. The two exchange a longing glance. Schmidt darts off to find the guys to tell them Cece doesn’t want to get married. How does Schmidt know this? Cece apparently told him ‘I don’t want to marry Shivrang but my whole family has flown out here from all the way around the word, I can’t back out now. So please, Schmidt as my closet friend help me’ with her eyes. Schmidt talks Winston into sabotaging the wedding with him even though he insists that he is in love with Elizabeth. Nick declines because he is trying to impress Jess.

As Shivrang arrives on his white horse Nick tries to talk Schmidt & Winston out of their sabotaging plans. Schmidt takes this moment to point out to Nick that he is holding a purse, changed his suit, and is wearing deodorant, all things that he has changed for Jess. Why should he have to change? In that instant Winston sets off a blow horn sending Shivrang’s horse galloping off.

Jess calls Schmidt out as the ceremony begins, in that instant Cotton Eyed Joe starts blaring. Nick runs to the sound booth to confront Winston who gives an evil laugh as he dashes off making it appear that it was all Nick. Jess calls him out on being in on the sabotaging and refuses to believe he’s not involved. It doesn’t help the song is his guilty pleasure and he’s fist bumping. The two fight over his childish tendencies and the quarrel forces him to side with the sabotages for phase 3.

Phase 3 requires a badger and the air vents…. It’s very apparent that nothing good can come from this idea, at all. Schmidt rushes in to get Jess because things are out of his hands. Schmidt admits that Nick wasn’t in on the plan and Jess calls him to apologize. When he goes to answer his phone Winston knocks over the badger’s cage and now he’s loose. Jess joins them in the ducts and her and Nick finally have a discussion about what they are. Yup that’s right in some air ducts. Normal right? She tries to apologize for not believing him the first time but he insists that this is where he belongs, with Winston and the badger.

Winston begins to contemplate the Earth and how we should treat it. Nick and Jess are getting somewhere, he asks her point blank if there is a part of her that scared that he is too much of a mess and that this is a mistake. She admits it, she is scared. Right as she is about to explain she, Nick, and the badger fall through the duct onto the wedding altar. Jess attempts to make light of the situation and her father just shakes his head. Winston is still contemplating life in the duct unaware of what had happened.

Jess tries to restart the ceremony but Cece finally admits that this is not what she wants. She admits the horse, the badger, and Cotton Eyed Joe had nothing to do with her decision. She really wants to be with someone else. Any guesses on who that could be?! Shivrang is not upset, but that’s not even the most shocking thing of them all. Shivrang wants to be with someone else too! Elaine is his long lost Aryan love (played by Taylor Swift). The two have been in love since grade school and she writes about him in her journal every night! They run off to elope in Vegas.

Nick said that they should just call it. That’s it they’re done. Jess agrees, but you can tell they are both lying. I mean come on. They are meant to be! Schmidt and Elizabeth are fighting in the hall because she knows that he still has feelings for Cece. He denies it and at the same moment Cece enters the conversation and admits it is Schmidt that she is in love with. Both women hit him with an ultimatum. Who will he choose, Elizabeth or Cece? Schmidt begins to crumble under the pressure and starts to stall. He eventually just runs away.

Winston emerges from ducts with a self-made tunicate on his arm. The badger got him.  He asked what happened with Jess and he tells him that they called it off. Now he will drink to make it better. Winston points out it was also his dad’s move. To drink and run away. He reminds Nick there are other moves and urges him to go after her. Praise you Winston! Get some medical attention for your badger wounds because I’d like you to stick around.

Jess is waiting for Nick and admits she wants to uncall it. THEY KISS! This is it folks. Nick and Jess are an awkward item. I am thrilled. I have been waiting two seasons for this. What will become of them in Season 3? Will it affect the dynamic of the loft? Who will Schmidt choose? And more importantly will Winston lose his arm!?

Thanks for watching with me guys! It’s been a pleasure. I’ll see you at the start of season 3! Only about 4 months to go!


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