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It Was Soul Vs. Country On American Idol's Season Finale: Who Scored?

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


05/16/2013 6:59 am
It Was Soul Vs. Country On American Idol's Season Finale: Who Scored?

Joey O’Hern

Staff Writer

After a season of up and down ratings and a battle between 2 diva judges “American Idol” finally reached it’s finale night.  Many said after last weeks shocking elimination of Angie Miller (one who many were sure would be in the finale) there was no way to tell how the chips would fall. This year not only marks the first since 2006 that a woman will win (Jordin Sparks was the last) but also the first dual female finale since Season 3 which ended up crowning Fantasia.

So how did it all go down?

At the start of the show a very dapper Ryan Seacrest informed us of 2 things. First was that decided by a coin toss, Kree would go first. Second was how each of the three rounds would go… 

Round 1: Songs selected by Executive Producer Simon Fuller…

Kree: “Angel”. At first I thought to myself, “Oh God…really? This is the song he picks?” But I was shockingly impressed. Usually when I hear this song I want to turn the channel instead of having to watch some sick and starving cat or dog on my TV screen. But Kree did justice to a classic song. Her styling was perfect, the staging was perfect and she started out the night strong.

Candice: “Chasing Pavements”. I like this song, and I like Candice but I’m not sure if I liked the two of them together. The thing about singing Adele is you will always been compared to Adele. Same applies to Whitney, Celine, etc.

Round 1: In a very close match this round goes to Kree!

Round 2: Songs that will be their single if they were to win…

First can I just say don’t you miss the days when both has to sing the same song? Think about it how funny was it the year they made Blake Lewis sing that same ballad as Jordin Sparks? Moving along…

Kree: “All Cried Out”. This song I felt was perfect for Kree on many levels. It was the same sappy ballad she was use to but I felt it gave us an accurate preview of the sort of artist Kree would be after she has tried to find herself all season.

Candice: “I Am Beautiful”. This song was way more pop than Candice usually does. It was a classic, uplifting, power ballad fit for an Idol finale. The issue is I don’t think it was radio ready. Now if they added a stronger beat, got Drake to do a piece on it, that song will sky rocket to the top of the charts. The song just didn’t sound like the album we should expect from Candice.

Round 2: In yet another tight round goes to Kree.

Round 3: Contestant pick of a former song done during the season…

Kree: “Up To The Mountain”. Did I mention I love this song? As soon as Kree started I knew she had won the night. 3 consistent performance is not something you can ignore. In a gorgeous red gown, with her hair to the side, surrounded by a choir Kree delivered one powerful performance and one that said, “Candice might ending up with the win, but I’m not going down without a fight”.

Candice: “I Who Have Nothing”. Honestly, I never expected her to pick this song and I don’t think anyone else did either. My money was on that she would go with “Lovesong” which Randy (the only remaining original judge) called the best performance in Idol history. At first I wasn’t sure how I felt with her not going with her best performance but my doubts were quickly erased. Surrounded by an orchestra, with a single spotlight, smoke filling the stage, Kree delivered an incredibly perfect performance of “I Who Have Nothing”. Her styling, her delivery, and the staging were on point. In a way she said with the song, “I might have lost the first 2 rounds but I’m here to win it all and don’t you forget that”.

Round 3: Hands down went to Candice.

So ladies and gentlemen that’s it! Who do you think will be crowned the next “American Idol”?


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