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It's A 500th Performance, Movie Lover's HEAVEN! Glee-Cap Time!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/08/2013 5:27 am
It's A 500th Performance, Movie Lover's HEAVEN! Glee-Cap Time!

Bec Heim

Content Editor

Welcome back from hiatus my fellow Gleeks! This week Glee tackles songs from our most favorite movies. So make sure you hide what you don’t want to be found and have your romantic boom boxes at the ready!

Because it’s time to the go to the movies.



Snowstorm, Suspicions and Secrets Oh MY!: So Santana has officially moved in you guys! Right now she is living rent-free with Hummelberry plus possible male hooker Brody. She provides some much needed Lima Heights feelings to the loft. She is also rooting through personal property and discovering some interesting things as well. It’s good seeing Santana there, she at least is trying to get a decent plot together. She, because she is Santana, tries to stir up shit for the sake of her own amusement. 

So Kadam: Santana’s first order of stirring the pot is trying to figure out exactly what Kurt and Adam are to each other. She does this by bringing up Blaine A LOT much to Kurt’s own embarrassment. Which is true, no one likes being reminded of their ex while around their potential new love interest. However, Adam from Essex is quick to pick up on the hints that Kurt may not be totally over Blaine. He also recognizes that he may be Kurt’s rebound but Kurt seems to want to move on. Don’t kill me Klaine fans but this is a good thing. Both Blaine and Kurt need to find themselves outside of Klaine and to do that they need to have real relationships with other people. Just give Adam a chance okay? He’s so adorable and British.

Brody Weston Who Is He Really?: So at the end of “I Do” we saw Brody leave a hotel with a suspicious amount of cash. Current fandom theory is that he’s a hooker. However, Santana finds cash and a pager. A pager, for those of you born in the late nineties or the early millennium, you can look up on Wikipedia. I’m honestly surprised they still make them. Anyway! Santana believes that Brody is a drug dealer. I can’t really see it. So no confirmation one way or another just speculation for now.

So is Rachel really pregnant?: Uhhhhhhhh…I don’t know? I mean she cried and that could be tears of “Yes I am.” The tears could also that it was false and she feels relieved and bad about it at the same time. Or it could have other implications that I would really rather not get into right now. Suffice to say I don’t know. I hope she’s not. I really, really hope she’s not. We need words people! Clearly and loudly is she or isn’t she?!?!

Movie Mash-up Madness!: Will, who has been watching copious amounts of old musicals, is still feeling depressed after being left at the altar by Emma. Yeah. You’re allowed to be Will. So he decides to assign a boys vs girls mash-up competition because he forgot to in the beginning of the year with the special prize being starring roles in Artie’s movie about dancing. Everyone wins because no one loses in these mash-up competitions for reasons.

Wemma and Finn: Finn is blaming himself for the wedding going down into a spiral of brides ditching the altar and Sue Sylvester in a wedding dress. So he tries to make himself feel better by enlisting Artie to help him trick Emma’s ginger supremacist parents into giving up her location. So he convinces Will to go there and win her back. Will and Emma have a talk after he sings to her. She reveals the reason she left was because she didn’t felt like she knew Will anymore and didn’t want to get married to who she felt was a stranger. (How much did Will change in Washington?) This means that the wedding is on hiatus (again) while they start to date each other (again). Finn accidentally reveals to Will that he kissed Emma and oh…Will is


. He does seem like someone who would get angry quietly. I think even Sue would shuddered from that look Will gave Finn. 

Confliction thy name is Marley Rose: After Ryder kissing her, Marley is suddenly feeling really guilty and very unsure of herself. She confides this in Kitty about the kiss and the guilty feelings. Kitty advises her to keep both men to herself. However, after a heartfelt gesture from Jake, Marley breaks down and tells him that she kissed Jake. Jarley appears to be broken up for the time being while Marley feels like the worst person in the world. Oh. Honey, the people in this club have done much worse things to each other while in relationships.


Favorite Moments/Random Thoughts

- OhmyGod Will I want you to talk like all the time. It’s adorable.

Love the opening title sequence!

- Sam needs to do his Nicholas Cage impression.

 - Wow. Sue. Harsh.  

 - I tear up a little bit at 500th number because I am a sentimentalist.


 - You know this is really an amazing re-creation of the set from Moulin Rogue. Kurt’s dream sequences have excellent taste.

 - Santana is amazing and I love her.

- Emma’s parents explain so much about her.

- Also Emma’s father makes a lot of sense about the college thing.

 - Everyone is really focused on cannibalism this episode. Are we going to sing from Cannibal! The Musical?!

- Joe getting his pop culture references mixed up is adorable.


 - Adam you are so adorable. I love your accent.

 - All these amazing awkward movie metaphors being awkwardly shoved into the episode amuse me so much.

- Emma did you steal that dress from Giselle from Enchanted?


 - Glee club disperse! Song completed!

 - “So You Kissed The Best Man?” –potential applicable title

 Random side note: I really like Emma’s coat/cape thing. I want one.

 - Jake can I clone you? That is so romantic.

- You need to be behind her for the Ghost scene to work.

Am I the only who kind of wants Marley to have both Ryder and Jake? It’s the only combination Glee hasn’t done yet. Poly-amorous relationship solves all conflict!

- Does anyone win these mash-up competitions?

- Why are you letting Jake and Ryder on scaffolding together? Jake may push him off!

Random glitter shower!!!



“You’re All the World To Me” sung by Will Schuester and Emma Pillsbury: Oh. Will I love how you try to bring in classiness from awesome classic musical movies. Plus you get to dance like Fred Astaire and I love it. This song does a lot of things right. It’s shot in black and white. It sounds like you’re listening to an old record. Plus dude the rotating room! It rotated! They were dancing the ceiling! That was awesome!!! It’s the best opening number of season 4 so far.



“Shout” sung by Blaine Anderson and Brittany Pierce with New Directions: I was nervous about this one because it sounded good not great when I listened to the recording. However, remember when I said back in my Diva recap that the performance was more of a production? Yeah. That’s what “Shout” turned out to be. This is a production of magnificent proportions leading them to literally dance around the school and rev everyone up into a whirlwind. This was something that needed to be seen first and I take back any reservations I had when listening to the music.



“Come What May” sung by Blaine Anderson and Kurt Hummel: This was really sweet. I’m not the world’s biggest Klaine fan. However, I can respect the relationship the two of them had together. This was also what I was expecting in “I Do” because this number has chemistry. It was gorgeous and it was lush. It was theatrical and moving. I could hear Klaine fans all across the world squealing in delight. And I can’t find any real thing wrong with this song.



“Old Time Rock & Roll/Danger Zone” sung by Blaine Anderson and Sam Evans with the New Directions guys: This is the most homoerotic mash-up I’ve ever seen in my life. And of course it’s in a tribute to Tom Cruise. Okay this was glorious and campy. And knowing the rest of my fellow recappers on the Internet they’re not going to like it. Because it’s glorious and campy. Sam and Blaine bring a lot of energy to the song. Plus the costumes are just amazing. Why did no one say “PANTS OFF DANCE OFF”?! That would be hilarious to hear that at the end of the song. Also I wonder how many sock related injuries occurred with filming this sequence.



“Sparkling Diamonds” sung by Marley Rose and Unique Adams with the New Directions Girls: Yeah. Yeah I know that’s called “Diamonds Are a Girls Best Friend/Material Girl” on the cover. However, any Moulin Rouge fan worth their salt would know it’s really “Sparkling Diamonds.” Unique and Marley continue to sound amazing together. I love the energy all the guys have. Plus dude fan dances! I’m surprised Sam didn’t make a Star Trek joke. Anyway the girls looked gorgeous and sounded great.



“In Your Eyes” sung by Will Schuester with New Directions: Will I get what you’re doing here but you don’t take your choir to woo back your fiancée!! Sigh but I do love the boom box scene from Say Anything. So when he lifted that boom box I squeed. Plus Mister Schue rarely gets to sing TWICE in one episode. I love his voice. Plus it was very sweet and Emma was definitely charmed. So was I.



“Unchained Melody” sung by Jake Puckerman and Ryder Lynn: This was a very sexually charged song in the context of the episode. It will probably always be if you’ve seen Ghost a lot growing up. Anyway I love the quiet chemistry Marley has with both of them. I also love how conflicted she looks while Jake and Ryder (in her mind) sing to her. It shows how conflicted she is and allows us to have a quiet moment to digest everything. But it will definitely be one of the least remembered songs from the episode sad to say because it is a good one.



“Footloose” sung by New Directions: A-MAZ-ING CLOSING NUMBER GUYS! Like seriously I am just in love. I’ve been wanting glee to do this for years and it delivered! This had amazing dancing and singing. Plus the energy of everyone involved was great. Seriously there have been some awesome closing numbers this season and it’s going to be hard to top this one!



Dancing On My Own”: This was a special released song. Check it out on Soundcloud for a listen. This had amazing energy. I hope we can get it for download someday. Heather Morris just nails every part of it!


Instagram: PopWrapped


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