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It's a "Wonder-ful" Life This Week On Glee! Recap!!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


05/03/2013 4:17 am
It's a

Bec Heim

Content Editor 

Hello my fellow Gleeks!

This week we delve into a tribute episode. Which in the world of Glee can be hit or miss. However, this episode is trying to make me like it before I ever even watch it. Why? Well it’s a tribute to Stevie Wonder and I love the man’s music. I use a lot of it to cheer me up when I’m down. It makes you happy like a ray of sunshine or rainbows or whatever injected into your veins. Also it’s Katey Sagal, who is an amazing actress making her return to live action comedy.

I can forgive a lot based on these facts. I really can. Just like I’m forgiving the word implausible situation that brings Mercedes and Mike back to Lima. Why? Because Finn is gone at this point and in the last two episodes, Finn gone means Cory is getting better in rehab at the time of filming. I’m not going to complain about the implausibility of them being there because of that fact. I’m not. Them there means Cory is getting the help he needs.

However, it’s the second to the last episode of the season. It’s a weird place to put a tribute episode especially with all the plots. So who knows?! You may get a rant out of me yet.

So put on your brightest yellow clothes and get happy this week! Let’s recap “Wonder-ful”! 




Life is Wonderful: Woohoo. Rachel has a second callback for Funny Girl. (So we don’t get to see the first callback? Ugh.) So she calls Mister Schue and thanks him for being so supportive. (And I barf a little inside.) Meanwhile Will reveals that Brittany is at MIT (Heather Morris is showing a lot more so we need to hide her) and that he and Emma are re-engaged. (Did he mention Finn? I didn’t hear any mention.) Anyway because Stevie Wonder songs are like sunshine in your eardrums, he decides to make it “Wonder-ful” week in the glee club. (Side Note: I liked how the music was meant to further the plot along rather than firmly kiss the artist’s backside. This is how you should work a tribute episode.)

Artie Has Plans (He Just Needs A Push): Artie is the only one (well except Sam) who did not really speak up when talking about the post-graduation future. Kitty, being the sharp eyed girl she is, gets the answer out of them and proves that she should be a lawyer or something. Artie reveals that he got accepted into the Brooklyn Film Academy but he’s not going. When asked why Artie says that he doesn’t want to leave his Mom. However, Kitty smartly knows that is utter bullshit. So she goes behind his back and sees his Mom (the lovely and AWESOME Katey Sagal). Artie reveals to his Mom that he was scared leaving her by herself after she spent so much time taking care of him. Saying that he felt like it cheapened everything she sacrificed. His Mom says that he’s being stupid and that she wants him to go out into the world and succeed. Also that if he makes her sound like an old hag again she’ll tip him over. And this is why Katey Sagal is awesome. 

The Diagnosis Of Burt Hummel: Kurt comes back to Lima this week. Why? Because Burt is getting the results back about his prostate cancer. So Kurt adopts a million little good luck rituals to try to do ANYTHING to avoid the cancer spreading and him losing his Dad. I was tearing up during this stuff. Personally losing a parent to cancer I think Chris Colfer portrayed the pain and how scary it can to be potentially losing another parent. However, in the best news of the show, BURT IS CANCER FREE!!!! YAY!

Wedding Bells (God I Hope Not): Put down your torches and pitchforks, Klaine shippers. You have to admit that Blaine having a) a crush on Sam and b) checking out that other guy last week are two strikes against this whole “engagement” thing.  Plus Kurt, as far as I know, is still dating Adam. Also it seems to cheapen the whole right that the LGBT community and their allies have worked so hard to win. They can’t get married now because don’t you remember last season? It was a bad idea with Finchel. It’s a bad idea with Klaine. Especially since they haven’t really sat down and talked much at all this season. It just feels weird and sudden and stupid from a story perspective. Kurt’s not going to dump Adam to suddenly marry Blaine. Kurt has sense. So Blaine, following the school of Finn Hudson stupidity, asks Burt for Kurt’s hand in marriage. Because that makes perfect sense to him. Burt, however, does not give him permission because Burt can see clearly now. He tells Blaine not to hurry things and that if something is meant to happen then it’s meant to happen. Wise words from a wise man indeed. Also apparently Burt is still in Congress. Nice to know someone with damn sense is in that building. I hope he makes Republicans cry.

Mercedes Has a Record Deal (Except Not): Mercedes and Mike are back! And Mercedes has a plotline. Apparently those background vocals she was supposed to be dropping has turned into a full blown record deal. Okay. So Mercedes is back and she’s kind of strutting around. The advice or “truths” she gives make sense except everyone in that choir room is insanely talented. So it feels a little hollow. Anyway we find out that Mercedes record label and the producer want her to show a little more skin or they’re giving her album to some skinny no talent hack who can’t sing. (Clearly these people have never heard of my Queen Adele.) Mercedes, after talking with her parents, ultimately decides that she doesn’t want to sacrifice her integrity for fame. So she is going to sell her record anyway and anywhere she can and do the honest work. Also if she wants to, she can probably sue their asses for breach of contract. Just saying.

And Back to Rachel Berry Succeeds at Life: I am sick of talking about Rachel and this Funny Girl plotline. You want my thoughts? Please refer back to my Sweet Dreams recap. I have talked this to death. Rachel has had too much success. She needs to fail. She goes to New York and her dreams instantly come true?! Bull-fucking-shit okay? It’s hard work. And it needs to be shown. Rachel has won the Winter Showcase. Rachel has won the respect of her peers. Rachel has even melted Cassie July’s heart. RACHEL DOES NOT NEED TO GET FANNY BRICE BECAUSE RACHEL HAS ALREADY SUCCEEDED! Her getting Fanny will ultimately get be hollow and make everyone hate her and this stupid plotline. I am begging you Glee writers, Ryan Murphy. PLEASE don’t let this happen. Let her experience failure and let her rise from the failure. With that said, Cassie July reappears and makes Rachel think that she is going to do something bad. However, she reveals it to be a kind of hazing ritual at NYADA or something. She tells Rachel that she pushed her so hard because she is talented. Although all Rachel did during her “midterm” was just twirl around because she is not that strong a dancer. That is really what happened. Let’s hope the callback plotline next week has more meat.

Random Thoughts/Favorite Moments

Okay that’s actually a really nice moment between Rachel and Will. Kind of.


So wait why didn’t we see this stuff on screen? I would have liked to have seen SOME of this.

Wait. The MIT…UGH! They stole that plot for Brittany out of a fanfic I read once!

And Tina wants to be a vet? WHAT THE HELL?!?!

Dude this still is Kitty. She will tell people.

I want to hug Kurt so badly. My baby!

Ha! Ryder and Jake as her back up dancers!

BLAM! Tina just got Kurt slammed!

Wow so the bitchy guys hate Rachel now? Really?

I know I keep on saying this but please don’t give her the Funny Girl part. You have two seasons now! EXPLORE!

Uh…okay? Mercedes they lost because Marley developed an eating disorder. Not because she can’t sing.

I am totally sobbing right now. YAY! BURT IS OKAY!

…I need my tissues again. Happy tears I promise.

Rachel that is kind of narcissistic. You are not ready for Broadway yet! YOU ARE NINETEEN DAMMIT! Also nice Barbara impersonation.

Cassie July continues to be amazing. Oh this is very cathartic. Shut up I don’t care if I’m a bitch let me have this.


Now I feel bad for Mercedes.

KATEY SAGAL!!!!!!!!! HI!!!!!

So…wait what just happened? Clearly Cassie has drank the Rachel Berry Kool Aid. Dammit.

Okay Rachel how were going to dance in high heels? I thought this was ballet. YOU WEAR BALLET SHOES IN BALLET.

Mercedes definitely did the right thing here.

Burt…go after him.


Last week Blaine you were checking out some guy’s ass! THIS WHOLE PLOT IS STUPID!

Now I want Rachel and Cassie to start making out.

Kurt. Mention Adam. Your boyfriend?

Ugh. And not one mention of Finn. Sigh.


“Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours” sung by Kitty Wilde: This is Kitty’s first big solo as a character. I enjoyed it. Becca Tobin has amazing energy. She has a solid voice. There was a lot of fun dancing with Blake Jenner and Jacob Artist that I liked. It was joyful. It was fun. I had fun watching it and listening to it. I can’t hate on that. I hope to see more of Kitty singing solo next season.


“Superstition” sung by Mercedes Jones, Marley Rose and Blaine Anderson with New Directions: It was really nice hearing Amber’s voice again. This was also another good, solid high energy song. Melissa Benoist was hitting some big notes. Darren Criss gave it cool energy. Amber Riley just whipped it up in another atmosphere with her voice. It was great to listen to. The performance itself was…lacking in some respects. But I can forgive a little easier.


“You Are the Sunshine of My Life” sung by Kurt Hummel: Kurt sang a song to his Dad. Kurt also implied that his Dad sang to him and got him into music this way. I am a big old softie deep down and this hit me in my most tender place ever. It got me in my special Hummel feels spot and it’s not letting go.


“I Wish” sung by Jake Puckerman with New Directions: Uh…I don’t remember the song because I was too busy watching the dancing. It was good. At least it was good when I listened to it on my iTunes. I was too busy watching Jacob Artist and Harry Shum Jr dancing and thanking God that this was on my TV screen. Vocals were solid. But the dance just outshined the vocals. Dancing:




“Uptight (Everything’s Alright)” sung by Cassandra July with NYADA students: I hate the context. I just…Cassie you were being such a good voice of reason to Rachel. You were the one speaking truth things. Why did you drink the Kool Aid? The context it down from what is an A in vocals. Kate Hudson puts a lot of energy into this song. She has a good rasp in the right places. She is a formidable vocalist and I hope that she gets a chance to show off those skills in the future. Just ugh the context bugs me.


“Higher Ground” sung by Mercedes Jones: Midas Whale, for those of you who watch The Voice, covered this song this week. They didn’t do it justice really. So it was nice to hear someone who could do it justice. Amber Riley has amazing pipes. That is just plain facts. So it was nice to hear those Mercedes Jones glory notes again. However, I do wish they would have tinkered with the arrangement in someway. Granted I felt that way with most of the songs tonight. It just would have made for a more satisfying experience to hear something spice it up here. It was still very good though.


“For Once In My Life” sung by Artie Abrams: Okay this is the episode where Kevin McHale truly got a chance to shine vocally. His voice is made for this stuff. I was thrilled when he got the solo here because he killed “Isn’t She Lovely?” another Stevie Wonder song back in season three. He proves that once again his has those amazing vocal chops to do Stevie Wonder justice. I loved this song. I loved the costumes. I thought the performance was fun. It was just a solid closing number that actually had context within the episode. Good job!



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