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It's Back! Revolution 'The Stand' Recap!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/27/2013 4:10 am
It's Back! Revolution 'The Stand' Recap!

Vanessa Ho

Staff Writer

After an almost four month hiatus, Revolution returns and in case you don’t know what the show is about, let me offer you a brief synopsis: 15 years after the United States and possibly the world has suffered a blackout –basically no electronic items work from cars to smartphones – and the United States has fallen under militia law governed by Sebastian Monroe (David Lyons).

But there are rebels against the Monroe Republic lead by Monroe’s former best friend and right hand man, Miles Matheson (Billy Burke). This included former Google executive Aaron (Zak Orth), Nora (Daniella Alonso) and Charlie (Tracy Spiradakos), Miles’ niece. The gang are being chased by Monroe’s new right-hand man, Captain Tom Neville (Giancarlo Esposito).

First half of the season was about Charlie’s journey to find her brother Danny (Graham Rogers) who was kidnapped by Monroe shortly after the death of their father (Tim Guinee) to use as leverage to get their mother Rachel (Elizabeth Mitchell) to help Monroe get power again. This power comes in the form of a pendant that can power up devices in a 15-mile radius.

When we last left off Rachel was reunited with her children but got the pendant to work for Monroe who chased after the rebels with now working helicopters.

Tonight’s episode picks up moments where we left off, the helicopters give our band of rebels chase. Under its gunfire, they head into an abandoned restaurant where the helicopter immediately blows to bits with a missile.

Thinking their job done, the helicopter flies away but Miles et al survive by hiding in the restaurant’s freezer. The decide that they need to leave Philadelphia ASAP.

Neville’s search of the restaurant yields no bodies and he reports this news to Monroe. Monroe is disappointed in Neville letting Miles escape his grasp in the last episode by exploiting his weakness (i.e. threating his wife) and tells Neville to kill Miles the next time he sees him. Monroe also details his plan now that he has power. He will use his helicopters and weapons to wipe out all the rebels in the Monroe Republic before moving on to Georgia, the Plains and California so that what used to be the United States now become the Monroe Republic.

Miles et al manage to get out of Philadelphia by pretending to be corpses in coffins with Charlie and Nora acting as Monroe soldiers.

Once they are free and clear, Rachel and truly be reunited with her children. But they and Aaron want answers from Rachel.

Before she can give any, helicopters pass overhead and they realize it’s headed to a rebel camp, which the chopper does take out.

The gang surveys the damage and Nora wants to go to rebel headquarters to warn them about the on coming slaughter. Rachel suggests that she can give the rebels high-powered weapons by retrieving another pendant to power them up. Miles and Rachel go off and do that while the rest head off the Annapolis, where they are reunited with the other rebels.

Meanwhile, outside another destroyed rebel camp, Neville’s son, Jason seems guilty over the slaughter and even more so as a teenager is forced to reveal the location of the closest rebel camp before getting killed.

On the journey towards getting another pendant from a colleague, Rachel and Miles have a conversation over why she faked her death and over their relationship, it is clear that they have some sort of history and it seems it was a romantic one.

The next day, Neville and his men have reached the Annapolis rebel camp. Jason spies Charlie there and we know from previous episodes that Jason has feelings for her. Jason’s father, who happens to be Captain Neville notices this and proclaims his son weak for letting his feelings get in the way of their job. Jason refuses to bring in the choppers to kill innocent people and father and son end up in a fist fight.

Neville beats his son handily and essentially kicks out of his home and militia. Jason goes off and meets up with Charlie warns her that they have 12 hours before the choppers arrive for their attack. Jason wants to join her as he has no place to go but Charlie refuses. When Charlie gives Jason’s warning the rebels decide to take a stand against Monroe, missile launchers or no missile launchers. On the front line includes Nora, Charlie and Danny.

Miles and Rachel reach their destination and find Rachel’s colleague John (Leland Orser) who tells Rachel that he doesn’t know what happens to others like them such as Grace (Maria Howell –who was the lady at the computer in the Pilot). He takes Miles and Rachel to his basement where we see another pendant powering the area and the weapons within. Miles looks like a kid in a candy store and is interested in a rocket launcher. But this is a trap as John does know what happened to Grace. Randall (Colm Feore) got to her and him as well. John disables Rachel and Miles with some sound amplifier.

With Rachel and Miles tied up, John is apologetic but says Randall is on his way and is afraid of he would do to him if he doesn’t help him. However, Miles manages to escape and punches out John and Rachel and Miles, taking what they need, escape.

Neville gives Monroe the intel that he discovered and he orders the attack on the rebels. Charlie wants Danny to not be part of the front line attack but Danny wants to be part of the fight to honor their father (who was killed in the Pilot) and Maggie, their sort of step mom who died a few episodes earlier.

The choppers come and rebels have their weapons ready to take them on. Gunfire is exchanged some lives are lost on both sides then Rachel and Miles arrive with the rocket launcher and a pendant of their own. But just before Miles can use it, he becomes surrounded by the choppers and is blown back and gets the wind knocked out of him.

Danny sees the rocket launcher and takes it upon himself to take out the chopper with the pendant amplifier on it. He does so, which takes out the other chopper but as it goes down, it continues shooting and Danny gets shot and killed. Rachel and Charlie mourn, except the audience because honestly, Danny was a pretty useless character. Anyways, Charlie vows to kill Monroe as revenge.

Meanwhile, Randall goes to meet Monroe, who takes the meeting because Randall drove up in a car. Randall tells Monroe how he can be very beneficial in helping Monroe and his cause.

And Rachel goes to visit Danny’s dead body to briefly mourn but also to remove a gel cap shape device that was surgically implanted in his abdomen. This gel cap is pulsating a LED light.

So will you miss Danny? How long before Jason and Charlie hook-up? And do you think Rachel and Miles had a romantic past and possibly Charlie and Danny are actually Miles’ kids? Let us know what you think.


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