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It's Raining Gifts: The New Normal Recap

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/01/2013 5:11 am
It's Raining Gifts: The New Normal Recap

Tarra Matthews

Content Editor

It’s baby shower time for Bryan & David and everyone is in on the planning, with Rocky at the helm. Now the prospect of Rocky doing anything selflessly is kind of an ‘out there’ concept, which makes me think that there is an underlying motivation to her plot. Bryan and David cave to her will on the condition that NO ONE is allowed to bring gifts. Let’s just see how long that stipulation lasts.

As the shower day grows closer the stack of gifts in the nursery grows taller and wider, and Bryan and David’s complaints grow in volume (both types). Now I understand that they don’t want people buying them gifts because they are economically blessed but c’mon, these people are only trying to do something NICE for you! Thankfully, Rocky climbs out from behind a giant teddy bear and give Bravid a stern talking to on my behalf, calling the pair ungrateful for ragging on the generosity of their family and co-workers.

In a Rocky flashback we find out that she met Bryan working as a waxer and that it was in her life plan to have it all, career, man and family. Now that she has the career you can really tell she is chasing the other two and will take them in whatever way she can (remember her gay boyfriend?). Babies also seem to bring out her soft side, which can be refreshing.

Going into the shower Bravid make a pact that whatever gifts they receive, they are going to donate them. Now I’m all for this plan but I can’t see Bryan holding up this plan once getting his hand on some of the baby-sized item, we know he has a soft spot. What Bryan and David didn’t account for is the effect visiting Walker House would have on them. After they visit they seem to catch the foster parent bug, and they aren’t the only ones. When Rocky and Jane go to retrieve the overly expensive, who-the-heck-would-even-want-one, mink onsie, Rocky finds more than she bargained for the form of sweet little Nicki and ends up becoming her foster mom. Bryan and David come to a decision too, not to foster a child right away but to volunteer their time with the children of Walker House.

Overall, this was a very heart-warming episode of The New Normal, a welcome change after the tearjerker last week. With the baby’s birth date fast approaching, what final steps could possibly be on the horizon for Bravid, Goldie & Shania? And now that Rocky is a mother, will she be changed in any way? (COMING SOON!) (COMING SOON!)

Instagram: PopWrapped 


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