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It's So On Now: The Voice Battle Rounds Have Begun!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


04/16/2013 5:18 am
It's So On Now: The Voice Battle Rounds Have Begun!

Bec Heim

Content Editor

Tarra Matthews


Erika Rivera

Managing Editors

Welcome to tonight’s recap of the Battle Rounds premiere! With our teams filled up (and the fantasy teams for the Unholy Trinity chosen), we’re ready to see some musical rumbles! The steals are back baby!  We the Unholy Trinity are excited to see who survives the slaughter!


I’m excited to see who from my dream team crushes it! Lets go! Side note: Very excited to see how the mentors help out: Joel Madden, Pharrell Williams, Hilary Scott, and Sheryl Crow should bring interesting things to the table. 




Battle #1: Amber vs. Sasha (Team Adam)

·       Song: “Try” by P!nk (PLZ NOOOOOO don’t make me listen to this song!!)

·       the one on one sessions with the coaches/mentors and the contestants could really make or break a performance, you get to ask questions of your coach and harvest good advice

·       Amber is my girl on this one (she’s on my fantasy team, shhhhh) but Sasha has a chance to steal it out from under her for sure

·       Sasha is really using her lower register & making these weird faces throughout her performance that are hella distracting

·       both women really controlled and not screechy (which I feared)

·       WINNER: Amber (!!!)

·       STOLEN: Sasha is now a member of Shakira, whom she picked over a dumbfounded Usher!


“Try” sung Amber Carrington versus Sasha Allen: Almost immediately, I think this is a bad pairing. Sasha is going to kill Amber. Amber is an AMAZING vocalist though. Amber is a bit terrified. Sasha is staying way too much in her own head. However I’m still think Sasha is going to win. Amber has a good vulnerability. Still Sasha is very controlled but emotional. I’m just connecting with Sasha’s voice more. However, this is just a really close one. Usher please take off your sunglasses. No one says anything because they all want one of them for themselves. AMBER WINS THE BATTLE! HOLY SHIT! I WAS NOT EXPECTING THAT! I was totally thinking that Sasha was going to win it! Usher and Shakira start hitting their buttons almost instantly.


Amber Carrington


Sasha Allen to



Team Adam: Amber Carrington Vs Sasha Allen! They’ll be duking it out to Pink’s “Try”. Love this song! Hope Sasha doesn’t overpower it with her vocals. She’s on my dream team! Amber looks great and starts off great! Sasha ups the vocals and starts nailing it! So much fire! Amber is a little too restrained for my liking. Adam declares Amber the winner! Both Usher and Shaki push to steal! The audience wants her to go for Shakira after she pleads with Sasha not to break her heart again. Shakira wins her after Sasha goes with her gut feeling!


Battle #2: Garrett vs J’Sun (Team Shakira)

·       First off, nice to see Joel Madden still plays with the Kool Aid coloured hair dye (probably with his kids ;D) & apparently he’s big in Australia…

·       And it was super clear that Garrett was in awe of Joel, one of his big inspirations!

·       Song: “How You Like Me Now”

·       I thought J’Sun was going to get his ass handed to him based soley on the song choice, being as he is a R&B singer, not rock

·       OH and remember there is a 10 year age gap in this battle, they only reminded you like 5 times so I KNOW you forgot!

·       J’Sun sounded like he was getting way cocky the closer he got to Battle Day. Please take him out Garrett

·       Garrett is AGAIN a member of my fantasy team so he is my choice

·       To me it sounded like Garrett got really nervous and his vocal was weaker than in practice and J’Sun was doing all this crazy stuff with his voice

·       Side Note: Son Of A B**** I’m SO DONE with all these commercial breaks already

·       WINNER: Garrett (OMG I SQUEALED)

·       And no one stole J’Sun (kind of surprised actually)


“How Do You Like Me Now?” sung by Garrett Gardner versus J’Sun: Okay I am so totally flashbacking to when I was thirteen looking at Joel Madden. He and Shakira are so adorable. I have no early frontrunner. Mainly because both of them don’t really impress me. My friend says she’s rooting against J’Sun because she hates how she spells his name. I don’t know who is going to win because neither of them really leave an impression on me. J’Sun’s voice is too clean for this song. Plus Garrett is totally rocking out. Garret’s voice is much better suited to this song. Adam and Blake throw their support behind Garret. Usher said that he would pick J’Sun.  I’m going with Garrett.


Garrett Gardner


Team Shakira: Garrett Gardener Vs J’Sun! They’ll be singing “How You Like Me Now”. J’Sun shows off his falsetto, and Garrett feels intimidate by it during rehearsals. Garrett improves in rehearsals and J’Sun shows off his rocker side as well. Shakira has her work cut out for her. J’Sun starts out singing quite soulful and screeches a bit trying to sound rockerish. Garrett comes out guns blazing with his raspy vocals being totally perfect for this song!  He sounds so confident! Garrett is holding his own! I was worried a bit for him being so young! Both the fellas crushed it! Adam total gets it now about Garrett. Usher thinks J’Sun turned it up. Blake wants Garrett. Shakira declares Garrett the winner! Adam tells Garrett that he was ready to push his button for him. Hell, I would have too! No one steals J’Sun though. Bye!


Battle #3: Holly vs. Michelle (Team Blake)

·       Song: “Blown Away” by Carrie Underwood

·       Blake knows these two are his strongest singers so matching them up is perfect

·       I never realize the subject matter of this song was so heavy before

·       If Holly can get angry she’ll do fine, Michelle is seeing a crack in her armour and will attack if given the opportunity

·       Again I have a girl in this pairing, so go Michelle!

·       Amber came out with a bang and almost oversold it while Michelle kind of fell apart.

·       WINNER: Holly (Blake is sticking with his country people first and foremost… what kind of singers did he win with again? That’s right, NOT country people)

·       And no steals for Michelle :(


“Blown Away” sung by Holly Tucker versus Michelle Raitzin: Both of them are just generically cute and adorable. Holly’s voice is criticized as being “too sweet” and she needs some attitude. Michelle has some pitch issues regarding her interpretation. In the last rehearsal Michelle fixed the pitch issues. Holly is still having problems with her attitude perception.  Michelle needs a new top I can tell you that. However, I think Michelle has the better attitude for this song. Technically though? Holly is killing this. It’s a good better. But for something truly epic? Trevin Hunte and Amanda Brown from last season. Their battle is truly legendary. I don’t know who to call for this.  Adam picks Holly. Usher and Shakira don’t say anything really.


Holly Tucker


Team Blake: Holly Tucker Vs Michelle Raitzin! Two powerhouse voices against each other! They’ll be taking on “Blown Away” by Carrie Underwood. Kinda plays into Holly’s cards as a country singer though. Kinda not fair to me. Holly sings too sweetly for the song. Michelle sounds pitchy. Michelle fixes her pitch. Holly needs to get angrier to pull this off. I don’t know if Holly has it in her. Holly starts it off; she sounds pretty good. Michelle brings the fire though and the right passion. Holly begins with high notes but Michelle matches her note. Holly shows a weak moment in her vocals and delivery which Michelle pounces on! I call Michelle on this one! She brought it down for me. Holly gets chosen as the winner by Blake because he feels better with a country singer. No steal for Michelle either….I’m disappointed.


Battle #4: Jess vs. Taylor (Team Usher)

·       "You Know I’m No Good" by Amy Whinehouse

·       Not fair, not fair, not fair, I love this song and I have ANOTHER girl from my fantasy team in this battle

·       Ushers recognizes that the voices are there, he wants to work on other aspects of performance which can make the singing even better

·       All I STILL get from Jess is that she sounds like Joss Stone

·       Taylor needs confidence STAT (mostly because she’s on my fantasy team)

·       2 very different voices, and Taylor isn’t bringing her confidence to her performance, she’s looking to Jill for guidance/assurance so much

·       Taylor also looks like a young Hayley Williams tonight

·       WINNER: Jess

·       STEAL: Taylor is now on Team Blake


“You Know I’m No Good” sung by Jess Kelner versus Taylor Beckham: The only thing I’m learning is that Usher has a very interesting and unique coaching style. He’s teaching them not just vocals but performance, which is good. However…Taylor and Jess underwhelm me. Plus both of their voices aren’t suited nor have the necessary grit for Amy Winehouse. You need voices that have lived or at least sound like it. Twist my arm? I’ll give this to Jess. I like her rasp. But yeah neither of them are exciting me. This really sucks. Not them. They’re okay. Also their clothes here are just ugly. I think I’m going with Jess? Taylor doesn’t seem to be giving us much…personality. I learned that Naya Rivera should have covered this on Glee. Shakira puts her support behind Taylor. Adam puts his support behind Taylor as well. Blake agrees with me and supports Jess. Usher choose Jess. Bye Taylor you have pitch issues and…BLAKE WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!?! I’m calling it. She’s gone by knockouts and Blake wasted a Steal. 


Jess Kelner


Taylor Beckham is on



Team Usher: Jess Kellner Vs Taylor Beckham! They are given an Amy Winehouse song to battle on! I think this will be Jess’s to lose because I so do not think Taylor stands a chance. Her voice isn’t that strong for me. Usher wants them to attract him to the performances. Jess needs to step up her performance to sell it for me. Her voice is butter for me. As you can tell I’ve written Taylor off. I hope I’m not eating my words later on. Jess starts off with lots of fire and passion. Taylor lets nerves over take her and she starts off a bit late. She recovers. Jess is really selling this performance for me. Taylor is very nervous. She sounds decent though. Adam and Shakira both liked Taylor (why?) but Blake loved Jess (thanks, buddy). Usher agrees with me and picks Jess as the winner! Taylor is crushed but Blake steals her at the last minute, knowing Usher would pick Jess. Well played sir. You can stop crying, Taylor. You’re in.


Battle #5: Christian vs. The Swon Brothers (Team Blake)

·       First: NO NO NO NO NOT FAIR!!!!

·       Song: “I Won’t Back Down” by Tom Petty

·       Whenever it is a duo vs a single singer I feel like the single singer gets the short end of the stick

·       Can these 3 just form a trio band and we can just forget about the battle part?

·       Interesting that Christian ditched his guitar for the actual battle but it gave him some freedom not granted to the Swons

·       Again, Trio YES? Yes!

·       Please don’t make Blake choose, but Christian get them in the charisma department & he hit ‘The Note!’

·       Blake’s reason for picking the winner is, again, SUCH A COP OUT

·       WINNER: The Swon Brothers

·       And in the worst decision on the show to date, NO STEALS for Christian


“Won’t Back Down” sung by Christian Porter versus The Swon Brothers: I’m saying Christian Porter right now. I loved his audition in the Blind Auditions. Yes I’m aware of the controversy but you have to remember this edited too. He could have mentioned it and it got cut. Or not. He sang the crap out of that song and that’s all I care about ultimately. However, I like the Swon Brothers they have a lot personality. So I’ll be bummed either way. Duos? They also don’t do well on the show. Christian is having issues with confidence and reaching the high note. The Swon Brothers have a good harmonies, however they have issues with tightening up.  Also wait…people can bring instruments onstage now? When has this happened?! Christian has just a lot more stage presence. The Swon Brothers are good but they don’t impress me. Usher and Adam support Christian.  Shakira supports The Swon Brothers. Eh the Swon Brothers never impressed me. Also Blake what is it with sticking with what you know?! Dude! You won twice with an R&B artist and a pop punk singer! Bye Christian. I can’t believe pitchy Taylor got stolen.


The Swon Brothers


Team Blake: Christian Porter Vs The Swon Brothers! Oh no! It’s Tarra and I versus Bec on this one! We all have something to lose with this! They will sing Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down”. Christian struggles to hit the note in rehearsals. I have a feeling the Swon Brothers will crush him though. Fingers crossed! The brothers have tons of confidence on their side. Christian brings the confidence in rehearsal and the Swon Brothers are kinda all over the place. I hope they get it together for the Battle rounds. Kinda nervous now with some of Blake’s remarks. Christian Porter starts off very confident. I’m digging it. Christian hits the notes. The brothers harmonizing sounds great too! Christian falters a bit at the end though like he’s losing steam. The brothers reigned it in and did not disappoint. I think Christian might pull this off because of the high note which kinda sucks for the duo. Blake disappoint me though and sticks with what he knows and picks the Brothers! No steal for Christian though.


Battle #6: Judith vs. Karina

·       "I’m going to light myself on fire" is STILL the best comment EVER

·       Song: “It’s A Man’s, Man’s, Man’s World” by James Brown

·       This song is ALL about the Feelz, since they have the voice/talent covered





·       WINNER: Judith

·       STEAL: Karina is now part of Team Shakira


“It’s Man’s, Man’s, Man’s World” sung by Judith Hill versus Karina Igalsias: I’m not calling because who knows what is going on in Adam’s head. I love to Judith win because she’s very talented. Karina does weird stuff with her voice that I don’t like.  Adam has such a stacked team that yeah everyone is looking to steal from him. I’m…I’m going to Judith? Because Judith’s voice is AMAZING. Also they have the best outfits of the night. Judith is killing this. Karina is doing those weird vocal things I hate. No one is saying anything. This is makes me someone is getting stolen. They have the best battle of the season. Wow Shakira uses both steals in the first episode?


Judith Hill


Karina Iglasias on



Team Adam: Judith Hill Vs Karina Iglesias! This is going to be cruel. My fantasy team member Judith Hill is at stake. They will be duking it out over James Brown’s “It’s A Man’s, Man’s World”. This might bite Adam in the ass by pairing them together. Judith needs to find her fire with this song. Karina needs to find the subtlety with the song. Adam wants them to pull from one another with their performances. This is going to be a tough one for Adam. The ladies bowed to one another before starting. Karina shows off her improved dynamics. Judith brings out the soul in her performance. Karina brings on the grittiness. The two ladies are bringing it with their performances! Hot Damn! I so don’t want to be Adam right now! All the judges think Adam is dumb for pairing them. Adam picks Judith as the winner! Shakira steals Karina at the last moment, making up for not turning for her (i’m with Shaki though, I am regretting not putting Karina on my team)! Shaki is done with her steals!



·       Blake telling Shakira to use his method of stress relief: get drunk like him!

·       Usher literally crying as Sasha picks Shakira over him.

·       Adam getting called a stupid man with bad ideas by all the judges for his pairs.

·       Blake and Adam setting themselves up for failure with their choices!


An new twist for our recaps:

Fantasy League

For each member of our teams, we are awarded points based on their performance.

·       2 points for a win

·       1 point for a loss with steal

·       0 points for a loss with elmination


After 1st Battles:

1.     Tarra 9 Points

2.     Erika 5 Points

3.     Bec 3 points


Join us tomorrow night as the Battles continue!


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