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PopWrapped | Television
iZombie Renewed For Season 4 | izombie
Media Courtesy of Comic Book Movie

If you're still riding that crazy season finale high, you're not alone. iZombie hit us hard this last season with some Major feels, Liv brain drama, and even some more insight into Ravi's personal life. Thankfully, we won't be left hanging for long, since Den of Geek confirmed the CW show has been renewed for the 2018 midseason lineup.

Spoilers ahead! Turn back if you have yet to see the last few episodes of Season 3!

Okay, so can we talk about Filmore Gaves? That place started out okay but went dark really fast. Like, faster than fast. Sonic the Hedgehog fast. Blue brain juice fast.

Zombie Island was a perfectly legitimate plan, but is it wrong to also agree with the zombie rebels? Placing a bunch of people on an island (or in a camp, or in a school...we're getting weird history vibes here) because you're afraid of the backlash once their "disease" is discovered seems a little backwards. Sure, it would separate the populations of the living and the braindead, but it would also make it easier for the scared half of the populace to lock onto a single target. A body of land out on the middle of an even larger body of water makes a pretty good target.

But enough from the Devil's advocate.

iZombie was renewed in May 2017 despite this season's "modest ratings." According to Den of Geek, the show saw "a decline in the ratings" this season. Probably because of Liv's desire to lose herself in the brain drama of the recently deceased instead of dealing with her own drama llamas.

What? Those are a thing.

While we do know the show will be back to make us laugh, cry, and question our allegiance in the Human vs. Zombie argument, we do not know who will be returning. 

Rose McIver's Liv Moore will obviously return. What's a zombie show without your main zombie? Rahul Kohli's Ravi Chakrabarti is likely to return since he just made himself into his own test subject for the latest zombie cure (that looks strangely like a caffeine cube). To date, the series also stars Malcom Goodwin, Robert Buckley, David Anders, and Aly Michalka.

No release date has been confirmed, but fans can expect the show to pop up again sometime in the 2018 midseason lineup.


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