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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Jane The Virgin: 02x04, Chapter 25

Dani Strehle | PopWrapped Author

Dani Strehle

11/07/2015 6:08 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Jane The Virgin: 02x04, Chapter 25 | Jane
Media Courtesy of CW

Here we go! I'm hoping we finally get at least some sort of hint as to where Jane is leaning on the whole Michae/Raf thing, because the suspense is literally killing me. Okay, not literally, but for real. GIVE US SOMETHING! Ahem... 

It looks like we're going to see a bit about Jane and Lina's friendship, and the many struggles of balancing kids and literally everything else. Sometimes it's super hard to pull yourself out of the mommy haze. I feel her struggle.

She commits to throwing Lina a party... in three days... with a Great Gatsby theme. Good luck with that Jane. She talks Xo into helping her, though, and if anyone can make this happen, it's Jane.

Xo also wants to know about Raf and Jane's kiss, just like the rest of us, and she is still confused. GAH. Just fall into Rafael's arms and be done with it already!

Michael is not letting go of this Sin Rostro lead and talks his boss into giving him 24 hours to explore the Swiss connection before handing the lead over to the Swiss authorities. Michael also has a new partner who is annoying already, but I have a feeling she's going to surprise us.

Rafael comes over and thinks that he and Jane are on the same page. Her rebuff of his luscious lips tells him otherwise, though, and since it's clear that she is not ready for a relationship and for them to be together as a couple, he wants to discuss custody. And honestly, he's got a right to it.

Rafael is not being malicious about this. He's not trying to be a dick. He just wants to be an equal presence in his son's life. She can't blame him and says she understands where he's coming from; but that she was just surprised.

She gets an urgent call from Michael and he tells her that she needs to meet him. He tells her what's happening and they leave right away. While he's waiting for Jane, he sees Petra and she shares the picture she snapped of Rafael and Jane kissing. This is enough to seriously freak him out.

But Jane and Rafael show up and Michael tries to buck up, but Jane certainly notices his shortness.

The Villanueva house is sitting down for dinner when Rogelio shows up. He tells them that he has to hire his ex-wife because she is blackmailing him. With what, you may ask? Scientology. Yep. Luciana is blackmailing him with tapes of him talking about his super human alien powers. Xo tells him to hire her... she can handle it. It's better than him being outed.

Michael has the yodelers (the lead named Heidi is an international yodeling star) at The Marbella, and the main yodeler MAY have slept with Sin Rostro. Heidi tells them that, if Raf guarantees they can perform, Heidi will help them and tell them what she knows. Raf agrees.

Oh and Luisa was dropped unconscious on a bench in Miami. Interesting twist.

Jane is trying to plan her party for Lina and she sees huge boulders being rolled in by order of Petra. Then she sees the list she gave Rafael crumpled up and she gets ragey. Jane really likes her lists. But she sees Raf and Mateo and decides maybe she has overreacted. She ducks into a closet to avoid being spotted and finds herself locked in. Whoops.

She gets a call from Michael and he tells her that he knows about the kiss; causing her to knock over a shelf of toiletries. She tells him where she is and I imagine the next will be him saving her.

Yep, there he is. Oh and there's Raf. She confronts him about the list. Michael tells them it was probably Petra and then tells them they need to let her know if there's not a chance, but we all know he's not really talking about Petra.

Jane and Raf are talking and she breaks down and tells him that she doesn't even recognize herself anymore, which is why she can't make a choice. Then she tells him that he DOES have rights to Mateo, which is why they should get a lawyer-- to take the emotion out of it.

Jane finally tells Lina that she actually forgot about her birthday, and when Lina says that it's pretty clear she's not important anymore, Mateo decides to fuss and Jane quickly diverts her attention to him, sufficiently proving Lina's point.

Xo tells Jane she needs to go out with Lina to celebrate her birthday and that she'll watch Mateo for her. Jane tells her no and makes a call; to Rafael. He asks if her mom is busy, and she tells him no--- it should be him that she goes to first.

Luisa is in an interview with Michael and his new partner, and Susie is damn sick of him ignoring her and tells him that she has a photographic memory and he needs to step into line. She gets his lack of trust after what happened with his last partner, but he needs to get used to her being around. Like I said... she surprised me. I like her.

Rafael asks Petra if he can show her a picture... of Mateo. He tells her that it's him she is hurting. He tells her it's kind of a miracle that she was able to finally get pregnant. They have a cute moment, but he makes it very clear that they will not be together.

Michael stops by Jane's house so that they can talk, and takes an intimate moment when he zips her up to make a tiny move. She tells him that she didn't know if she should tell him about the kiss because it didn't change anything. And now I'm all the way confused and fairly certain that she is leaning toward Michael and noooooooooooooooooo. I'm sorry, I am not on board.

Jane shows up to the club to celebrate Lina, and she's got her party pants on. Shots to the face because she is pumping and dumping tonight, bitches! And oh my god lol, "I just peed a little." Jane got a little too into it at the end of their dance there.

Jane and Lina are taking a disgusting bathroom selfie and having one of those moments that only exists between drunk best friends. It's a beautiful thing to behold, and it makes Jane feel like herself again.

Michael finds her and they make out and it's honestly a really hot kiss. It really is. I feel the fecking spark. Jane is obviously on cloud nine and high on Michael as she makes her way home... but then she walks in and sees Rafael asleep on the couch, with their sleeping baby in the crib, and she finds herself confused once again.

We find out that Michael's new partner is actually there to try and find out what he knows about Nadine. She tells their boss that he's definitely hiding something.

Jane tells her mom that she just had the best kiss of her life, and that suddenly it was perfectly clear that it was Michael. She goes out to the living room in a panic to see if Rafael heard on the baby monitor, but it appears the monitor is off and that Raf is asleep. Jane leaves the room relieved to see that she has avoided that gaf, but when she leaves the room we see Rafael's eyes shoot open and, by the look on his face, we know that he saw everything.


Look Rafael is no angel, but when he broke Jane's heart, he actually thought he was protecting it. And while, yeah, I guess Michael technically thought he was doing the same thing, his transgressions were far greater, in my opinion. He hid all of that terrible stuff about The Marbella and Sin Rostro from Jane and was wilfully dishonest.

I dunno. I suppose Rafael breaking up with Jane to try and shield her is a bit more forgivable than Michael lying and omitting information.

But hey; that's just me.

Until next week, Jane the Virgin lovers!

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