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Comics / Fandom PopWrapped | Comics

Jean Grey Will Make Her Triumphant Return To Marvel Comics

Aedan Juvet | PopWrapped Author

Aedan Juvet

Senior Staff Writer
11/25/2017 5:55 pm
PopWrapped | Comics
Jean Grey Will Make Her Triumphant Return To Marvel Comics  | jean grey
Media Courtesy of Marvel Comics

If you are anything like me, this news will have you entirely geeking out in every way possible - Jean Grey, (yes you read that right) will be returning to Marvel comics after several years since her death. 

In case you live under a rock, Jean Grey is one of the original X-Men with telepathic and telekinetic abilities that went on to pair with the cosmic entity known as the all-powerful Phoenix Force.  Being an exemplary leader who also happened to be infused with some of the greatest power in the Marvel universe, Jean Grey established herself early on as a fan favorite and iconic character in just about every comic and or adapation of her role in animated, live action or even time displacement. Though nice to have around, nothing quite could live up to the original Jean Grey - and now after endless anticipation, Marvel has decided it's time to bring Jean home. 

In a new trailer released to promote and discuss the epic return of Jean Grey, the comic's writer Matthew Rosenberg tells us, "Jean’s return is tied to the Phoenix’s return, and that is something that is both beautiful to the X-Men and the Marvel Universe and terrifying because with Jean comes the Phoenix,” adding, "And so our series examines how she comes back, why she comes back, and what that means, in a bigger sense, for the X-Men and the world as a whole. Every issue has a different superstar artist taking over and showing us a piece of Jean’s return.”Assistant editor Christina Harrington explains, “So the five different artists for the series were all chosen to celebrate and to really dig into Jean Grey and her whole world, as you’ll see when you pick up to book, and we wanted to have a sort of surreal horror element. We’ve got a bunch of different styles at play. Each person gets to sort of dive into a part of this weird, Lynchian world that Jean’s in and it's a good to keep people sort of a little-unsettled moving between each issue.”

With such in depth discussions of this return it can't be any redirect from Marvel so you're permitted to become even more excited - but as you may know, the world has massively changed since we last saw the hero. People who played a major role in the crimson-haired hero's life have since passed, including Wolverine, Profressor Xavier and even her former love Cyclops, so you can guarantee this will be a transitional period for the former deceased and those who both know her or know of her. One last slight hint towards how Jean will handle everything comes from editor Mark Paniccia who suggests, “One of the things that really excites me as an editor about the return of a character like this is where we’re going to go with her next. Her mission now, as simple as it sounds, is to save the world. The way that she’s going to do this is going to take a lot of readers by surprise." 

With a power player like the one and only Jean Grey coming back to the X-Men/Marvel universe, there are endless reasons to celebrate - so in the meantime, enjoy the teaser trailer above and be sure to read the Phoenix Ressurection series in December. 

One last thing... thank you to Marvel for fulfilling my childhood comic-dream of a Jean Grey comeback. 


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