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PopWrapped | Television
Jimmy Kimmel Declares 'Trump-Free' Tuesday | Kimmel
Media Courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter

Bouncing back from one of the most insane Oscar ceremonies in history, Jimmy Kimmel returned to his late night show. Monday was all about the Academy Awards recap and the envelope mishandling. Tuesday, however, was a much more special show. Echoing sentiments of a lot of us out there, Kimmel declared that Tuesday’s show would be a “Trump-free” show. It is kind of a relief, even though Trump has given late show hosts and Saturday Night Live plenty of fodder for sketch writing. 

Unlike most of the hosts on late night shows and the news networks, Kimmel opted to not give attention to the president or his speech during the joint session of Congress. While some seemed to praise the president for his “calm” demeanor while giving a more seemingly sane speech, still others are not impressed and have picked apart Trump’s address. During his monologue on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Kimmel stated, "The president spoke tonight before a joint session of Congress and we're going to ignore it for a very good reason, and the reason is I need a break from it, to be honest with you.” The audience cheered in agreement, and it seems as though that may be the way to go at this point. We, as a nation, have been torn and divided over what the president is saying and doing, or not doing, and it really is tiresome. 

Of course, because he’s Jimmy Kimmel, humor played a big role in this special occasion. The host laid down the ground rules and declared, "Tonight, if anyone says the name of the orange-colored man with the Russian boyfriend, they will have to put $100 in that jar that Guillermo's holding," The camera then panned to a shot of Guillermo holding a jar with a blond wig on top, clearly a jab at Trump’s weird and unkempt barnet. 

Watch the clip below and catch Jimmy Kimmel Live! on ABC, weeknights at 11:35PM.

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