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Joan Rivers Slams Both Adele and Ann Curry!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


04/02/2013 9:36 pm
Joan Rivers Slams Both Adele and Ann Curry!

Caitlin Swift

Staff Writer

The Queen of Controversy Joan Rivers is at it again! You will either love her or hate her, but that’s ok, Rivers could care less. Her comments are often far from being politically correct and at times are downright hurtful. Yet, that is what has garnered Rivers so much attention. Lately, the comedian has been under fire for her comments regarding Adele’s weight, and most recently Ann Curry.

During a trip to Late Night with Dave Letterman, Rivers first commented on the Grammy Winner’s physique stating “She sang live and said, ‘My throat, my throat, I don’t know if I can swallow.’ And I said, ‘Oh, you can swallow.” Further adding insult to injury she followed up with “What is her song, ‘Rolling in the Deep’? She should add fried chicken.”

Backlash quickly followed. Rivers refused to take back her comments and even went to elaborate her thoughts during an interview with HuffPost Live.

"She’s a chubby lady who’s very, very rich, and she should just calm down — or lose weight! She wanted an apology, so I took an ad out on her a—. I said, ‘You are not fat.’ And then I had room for a lot of other ads. Adele is beautiful and successful and has what, $100 million? Let’s face reality: She’s fat."

British comedian Adam Hills was disgusted with Rivers comments and spoke out against the almost octogenarian. Using his show The Last Legas his platform Hill said "If you make fat jokes about Adele, you’re being a d***, and I’m referring to you, Joan Rivers."                                                                                                                        

Still unfazed and not one to shy away from drama she felt the need to weigh in on Ann Curry. Rivers went on to say “First of all, Ann Curry, with all due respect… [snoring sound]. I’ll be Ann Curry and just say, ‘I like coffee.’ … ‘Do you really like coffee? Do you really like coffee? Really? That’s making me cry that you like coffee.’ I used to scream at the set, ‘Shut up, b—h!’ But she’s a very nice woman, and I’ve heard Matt Lauer is a toughie. I think they’re blaming it all on him and I think it’s very unfair. I think the real problem is, it’s run by a lot of white men — ‘We all went to Ivy League schools’ — and they didn’t keep up with the times.”

With her popular show Fashion Police on E!, Rivers is past the point of needing to speak out for media attention, yet she chooses to do so. One thing that is for certain is that regardless of what ridicule or negative comments come her way, Adele remains confident with who she is. In an interview with People Magazine the British lark said "I’ve never wanted to look like models on the cover of magazines. I represent the majority of women and I’m very proud of that.” You go girl! Promote self-love and acceptance! Let’s hope that Joan Rivers can learn something from that.

Instagram: PopWrapped 



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