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Justin Bieber Reaches A New Low With Fans

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


07/27/2013 11:12 pm
Justin Bieber Reaches A New Low With Fans


Dia Sparrow

Staff Writer

Justin Bieber just can’t seem to keep his nose clean lately.

First, we heard about him abandoning his pet monkey in Germany. Then we learned about his controversial visit to the Anne Frank museum. 
In March, he spent a week in London that consisted of him showing up two hours late to a concert, and getting into a spat with a photographer.

More recently, a video surfaced of him swearing at a picture (yes, just a picture) of former president, Bill Clinton, and taking a leak in the mop bucket of a restaurant. 
Now, we’ve been informed that while he was staying at a hotel in his home country of Canada, Justin Bieber was caught spitting over his balcony railing at his fans that waited below. 

"This is the fourth time Bieber has expelled saliva from his mouth on people. It seems he’s developed a rather nasty habit. He also has reportedly spit on his neighbor, a nightclub DJ and a woman at a gym," according to O’

Apparently not everyone agrees that this display is a bit childish and frankly quite rude, “Saw the news about Justin Bieber spitting off a balcony with fans below… What’s the problem? That spit is holy, that is Justin Bieber’s spit,” tweeted a Belieber following the incident.

Whether you want holy Bieber spit falling from heaven onto your face or not, what is going on with Justin lately? It seems to me that he’s let his fame get to his head, just a smidge.


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