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Justine Bateman – Not Just a Pretty Face

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


06/02/2013 5:46 pm
Justine Bateman – Not Just a Pretty Face


Lisa Hafey

Staff Writer 

Justine Bateman has started studying for her college degree and is blogging about the experience.

The former Family Ties actress has just finished her first year at UCLA studying Computer Programming. She’s been blogging about her experience on her Tumblr, “College Life” and is reportedly getting very good grades.

Bateman spoke to L.A. Currents in March about her decision to return to student life, “I really, really love to work. I love tech, I was half in it. And when I did a search on, no matter the keywords I put in, half the jobs were for computer programmers and developers and I thought, F–k it, I’ll just go be a computer programmer.’ ” 

Married with two kids, Bateman says it was hard to balance home life with study, “I was thinking the other day, in what had to have been a PMS-influenced moment, ‘What am I doing? I could just pick the kids up from school every day and go to Bed, Bath, and Beyond and get bath mats, etc for the house. What am I doing going to school and doing all this hard work and pursuing one of the most difficult degrees available?’ Then I thought, ‘Pull yourself together. You’re not going to feel like this in about 48 hours. You’re the one who would stick a fork in your eye if you weren’t working. Get your s–t together.’ ”

Bateman is the sister of Arrested Development star, Jason Bateman. He told GQ, “I’m not surprised that one of us is in a different place than the other — no better, no worse, just in a different place.  It was surprising when [our careers] were at the same place or similar: both on television series, both on the same network. Hers was wildly successful, my stuff was sort of middling all the time, but it was pretty neat to be in the same house and both be on television. It was pretty interesting.”

Although she admits it’s not as easy as acting, Bateman says pursuing her degree is just as rewarding, "I have a great life, it’s not that, but the professional progress proportionate to my effort is so opposite from my life in the ’80s. Maybe it’s I’m far more specific about what I want to do. 

"It’s like being a competitive runner in training. You just hammer it as hard as you can so you’ll be the best you can be at your races, but damn, it would be nice to just walk there sometimes instead."


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