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Kanye's Black Skinhead Video Has Been Released

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


07/23/2013 4:57 pm
Kanye's Black Skinhead Video Has Been Released

Jamie Harsip

Content Editor

So, the official music video for Kanye West’s single “Black Skinhead” has finally been released. And what a music video it is. You’ll have to see it to understand, but we’ll give you the rundown.

First of all, there are the interactive elements of it. No, the little box with the “+,” “-,” and instagram-looking logo isn’t a mistake. With the “Black Skinhead” video, Kanye is allowing his fans to slow down video play if they want, and take instant screen grabs. The pictures are saved instantly to one’s computer to be shared (if you want).

The ability to slow down the video is…well, it’s not necessary, and it’s not something I would have asked for, but the results are pretty cool. I recommend slowing it down halfway if you want to feel like your brain is melting and ¾ of the way if you want to feel like you’re in the middle of a horror film.

Now, in terms of the video itself, you’ll have to judge it for yourself. I think a lot of it looks like those “Sims gone wrong” videos, but it’s clear that a lot of thought went into the aesthetic. It includes the same general visual themes as Kanye’s performance of the song on Saturday Night Live, way back in May. We can see (and hear) the same wolves, there’s a similar silhouetted theme, and the haunting imagery of what appear to be black KKK hoods. It was hard to tell what they were when featured in the background of the SNL performance, but in the official music video it’s clear.

Since the “Black Skinhead” video is so interactive, you’ll have to watch it on Kayne West’s official website. In the meantime, check out his incredible performance of the song from SNL:



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