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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

The Last Ship: 02x06, Long Days Journey

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
07/24/2015 10:29 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Last Ship: 02x06, Long Days Journey | The Last Ship
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Can I start by saying wow, wow, wow, wow?  I will, anyway!  This show has gotten so intense!  The Last Ship has brought it's 'A' game! We're up to Episode 06, "The Long Days Journey". 

Warning! Spoilers Ahead!

We begin with Sean and his brother Ned (just learned his name tonight) and they have destroyed every cure except what lies on the Nathan James.  Sean has a different plan than just destroying the ship and Ned doesn't support that.

Captain Chandler is hell bent on destroying the sub while XO Slattery and Rachel don't agree and believe they need to stay on the mission of finding the cure and saving the world.  Chandler is the Captain so what he says goes, and they're going to find the sub.  "The sub is the mission."

The ship finds a transmission from Dr. Hunter.  He recorded a message for Rachel during an attack on the lab and he tells her he has important data for her to retrieve.  And then he is shot.  That was such a heart wrenching moment.  Rachel tells Chandler that he was on the way to a powder based cure that could be released through the air and they have to go to Florida to find his data.  Chandler agrees, reluctantly.  When they arrive at the lab, they are surrounded by death.  Dr. Hunter's body is there and all his research is destroyed.  The only thing for Rachel to take are some cultures to be able to continue making the cure.  Rachel speaks about her lost mentor, "He was a giant, the smartest man I ever knew."

The ground team discovers the attack on the lab was professional between the break in and the kills but the escape was sloppy.  The break in officially ties in with the sub, which makes the missions align.  "Don't let this sub become your white whale."  After surveying the area, they find swamp boats and just need to figure out which way to go.

Sean is sending Patient Zero (I will literally never give him a name) around the cities to find immunes and effectively kill all others.  He talks about Southern hospitality, which I laughed at because FL is not really a part of the south.  I don't mean that offensively, of course.  Ned starts in on Sean again about wanting to go sink the Nathan James and Sean holds a freaking knife up to tell his brother that his plan is the only plan that matters.  Ned backs down and jokes about finding out if Beyonce is an immune because he'd like to have her on his arm.

Y'all we got a sweet moment with XO Slattery tonight talking about how his son taught him about gators.  It was so sweet but then they found a heat signature in FL and that means, maybe the bad guys!

Our ground crew finds the campground which looks safe but it is surrounded by missionaries.

Back on the Nathan James, Rachel is sitting, working on the cure formula when Bacon (the ship's chef) brings her dinner.  They talk about how he cooked for the President but he wanted out to sea to earn his stripes.  As he talks about he romantics of cooking, Rachel has a revelation!  The formula needs to be food based in order to work!

Tex (I missed him so much last week!) does some undercover work and finds that these campers are nice people and very giving.  The whole campsite is about to load up on buses and leave.  Chandler orders them to break up and go in undercover.  He signals to the Nathan James that they are to go under radio silence and Slattery is not happy.  He insists that the Captain not go dark but Chandler does it anyway.  Oh, P.S. when Chandler gets on the bus he's in a dark grey shirt and my reaction was, "Damn Chandler!  That shirt brings out the blue in your eyes!"  Once I got over that, I paid attention again -and he was talking to a lady on the bus who tells him that she was lost until this group found her.  The group leader is Sean!  And guess what???  They're on the way to him!


The Last Ship Courtesy of

Rachel finds that the cure needs to be corn based after working through options and she recruited Bacon to help!  She has the recipe and all she needs now is some helping building the machine to create it!  Tonight was a big win on the road to saving the world!

Ned is radioing with the sub, asking about the Nathan James, clearly going behind his brother's back.  That communication is tracked by the Nathan James.  The crew tracks the location to a stationary point and after some research they find its a booey set in place to trick people as to their real location.  Slattery takes it out and kills the signal!!!

Slattery is a boss!

Chandler enters the building where Sean is and we learn that he is creating a cult and he has an army.  He is taking over America.  Sean announces that they need a leader in America and he has the man.  They have the Secretary of Housing, who is an immune and also 12th in line for the Presidency.  Since everyone is dead, he is the President.  (Promise I'll get his name next week).  They're headed to New Orleans and the cult waves American Flags in a sickening scene to end the night.

From next week's program, it looks like the cult has the real President.  What???

What did y'all think?  Will the Nathan James find the sub next week?  Will Chandler and crew get back to the ship safely?


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