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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

Lightning Strikes: 'The Flash' Runs Into Our Lives

Carleen | PopWrapped Author


Staff Writer
10/08/2014 6:39 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Lightning Strikes: 'The Flash' Runs Into Our Lives  | The Flash
Media Courtesy of the CW
"Run Barry Run!" Last night, everyone got to meet Barry Allen, a CSI Investigator who has become the fastest man alive. When we first meet Barry, we see him swooping though the city as the man himself (Grant Gustin) gives us a little introduction.
To understand what I’m about to tell you, you need to do something first. You need to believe in the impossible. Can you do that? Good. You see that red blur? That's me! That, too! There I am again! My name is Barry Allen—I'm the fastest man alive.
Flashback to over 14 years ago we see a young Barry running away from some bullies. After a few moments we pan to Barry talking with his mother Nora and father Henry (played by John Wesley Shipp, who is most famous for playing the Flash in the 1990 TV series) stating that he wasn't fast enough. His mother gives Barry hope in saying that having a good heart is better than fast feet. That night Barry wakes up to some strange noises as he looks around he sees that the water from the fish-tank is floating in the air.  As he races downstairs he sees some yellow and red flashing lights as he hears his mother yelling, "Don't let him touch you" implying that its a human figure who is surrounding his mother.  Before Barry could do anything he is suddenly transported blocks away from his house. Back to present day we see a late Barry trying to make it to work at the crime scene. We meet Captain Singh, who is not very happy with the re-occurrence of Barry's lateness. Luckily for him he is saved by Detective Joe West (played by Jessie L. Martin). He should be thankful he is good at his job because in the short time he is at the crime scene, he quickly identifies the getaway vehicle from some tire tracks and also discovered some animal fecal matter at the scene. After the events at S.T.A.R. Labs which included Barry trying to tell Iris (played by Candice Patton) about his feelings for her only to have her tell him she thinks of him as a brother and a really close friend. Dr. Harrison Wells comes out to talk to the crowd when suddenly Iris and Barry are distracted by someone taking Iris' laptop from her. Barry runs after him but then the detective, "Pretty Boy" as Iris calls him, saves the night. As you should recognize this scene from Arrow last season, Barry gets home to watch the Particle acceleration turn on, as he watches on the TV he looks at some newspaper clippings of his mother's murder and how his father was framed.  Just as it's explained on TV that people need to evacuate the building because the particle accelerator is malfunctioning, there is a surge of energy that goes across the entire city. As Barry moves to close his window the air becomes hard to breathe and the water started to float in the air just like 14 years ago. Instantly, after a bolt of lightning strikes him, The Flash is born! Nine months after the accident had occurred. Barry wakes from his coma at S.T.A.R. Labs, where Harrison Wells recounts the explosion and the aftermath. Barry soon enough realizes that his particular skill set now includes super-fast speed, which he first experiences while thwarting a shooting at 'father figure' Detective Joe West’s police station and running into a laundry truck. Trying to figure out more about his super speed, Barry gets tested by Wells along side Cisco Ramon and Dr. Caitlin Snow.  His practice run comes to a drastic stop as he has a flashback of his mother's death only to later on tell the S.T.A.R Labs Team what has been going on. Barry tries and well, kind of fails in using his speed to stop a guy who has been causing chaos; and oh by the way can summon weather. He also tries to tell Joe that Marden is alive and Joe doesn't believe him. He decides to run over 600 miles to visit an old friend in Sterling City, a man by the name of Oliver Queen (Green Arrow).  The conversation between the two gentleman was so raw and good and was seriously needed.  In which Oliver made Barry realize,“You can inspire people in a way I never could… saving people in a flash.” As Detective West and Thawne check out the farm where Marden was last seen last, Barry asks Caitlin and Cisco for help in defeating these types of people. Cisco shows Barry his suit that he had been creating. Lo and behold, the Flash Suit is born.  As West and Thawne find Marden, he forms a huge tornado that knocks both West and Thawne to a side of the car.  Moments later we finally see Barry in the full Flash suit and let me tell you: Gustin looks good! As the tornado keeps building up more and more, Barry asked Cisco and Caitlin what would happen if he rain in the opposite direction at 700mph. Although Caitlin didn't agree Cisco had faith in Barry that he could do it. Finally after the second time (and a little motivation from Wells) Barry stopped the Tornado and Marden in the process. The final scene shows fans Barry visiting his father in jail. He tells his father that he knows that he didn't murder his mother and that he would find out who murdered her. Be ready to cry in this scene because it will get emotional. Well that's it! What did you guys think about the episode? Are you excited for the series? Let us know in the comments below!
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