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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Limitless: 01x07; Brian Finch's Black Op

Rebecca Haslam | PopWrapped Author

Rebecca Haslam

03/26/2016 5:59 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Limitless: 01x07; Brian Finch's Black Op | Limitless
Media Courtesy of sidereel

Whereas many in a rather high profile job wouldn’t even consider skiving off, we begin this weeks’ episode of Limitless with Finch doing exactly that. With five NZT pills (not literally) burning a hole in his pocket, he decides he’ll use one of them to have a great day out of the office – not that such a plan does exactly the way he wants.

In rather dramatic fashion, before he even has time to truly contemplate what to do with his free day – after making a ‘cough-cough’ call to the FBI – he finds himself kidnapped and dropped off in the middle of Pennsylvania by the CIA who are aware of NZT and the fact Finch is a user. Of course, the CIA being the CIA, they’re not entirely polite about the matter – instead, they make their offer of wanting to borrow him only AFTER they’ve ratted him out to Harris and her colleagues.

A while later, he’s told that a terrorist who has snuck into the US is hiding in the area and that they need him and his NZT driven skills to help find him. Assisting a task force led by John Kellerman, who provides Finch with one of his pills, it doesn’t take Finch long to pinpoint a few hotspots where their target might be. The terrorist, Aleskey Basayev, is located but since when do the operations Finch finds himself in ever run smoothly? This one is no different and rather than arrest and jail Basayev, having quickly learnt Russian, Finch comes to realise the CIA plan to kill him instead.

Harris and the feds meanwhile are hard at work trying to put names to those who took Finch. With that job done, their next move is to study Basayev. What they uncover is a complicated web of marriage, government involvement and the Taliban. Their terrorist had a father in law who despite promising to help the US, was instead sending money to terrorist networks. Basayev himself was not involved in such a process but agreed with the US government that they could kill him as long as his own family weren’t caught up in the mess. Such a plan to take out a financer of the Taliban didn’t go well and instead, as the CIA discovered a Taliban warlord was in the area, they bombed the compound, resulting in a significant number of deaths, including those of Basayev’s wife and young child. Angered by Basayev working with the US government, the Taliban put a huge reward on offer to anyone who either killed him or brought him to them alive.

Task force members Cameron and Abe Froman are looking to cash in on the bounty. Cameron shoots Kellerman and the two plan to keep Finch alive as “insurance.”  As the chaos unfolds around him, Finch daydreams a version of Rebecca, dressed as Sloane Peterson, who informs him his captors will let him walk away relatively unscathed. How? He should poison the NZT pill he has left and convince Cameron to take it, apparently.

Harris and the FBI are meanwhile busy working on communications between the CIA task force and Brian who manages to send a coded message (I can barely string regular directions together) to them, noting them about his whereabouts. Once the call ends, Cameron shoots Froman but is then killed by Basayev who has somehow gotten free. Stealing Brian’s remaining NZT pill, the one time hostage takes the drug and – what do you know – it turns out he can speak English.

Left alone in the woods, with no NZT and his face splattered with blood, Finch then collapses while singing and experiencing a second hallucination.

Compared to previous episodes, I personally felt this episode was rather lacking and I’m hoping, one way or another that Basayev is found. As for Finch, things certainly aren’t looking good and I’m curious to see how and when Morra will make his presence felt once more. What did you think of the episode? Hit the comments below to let me know, and I’ll be back next week.


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