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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Limitless: 01x09; Headquarters!

Rebecca Haslam | PopWrapped Author

Rebecca Haslam

04/08/2016 11:19 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Limitless: 01x09; Headquarters! | Limitless
Media Courtesy of sidereel

As we approach the half-way point of the series, this episode of Limitless sees Finch embed himself deeper within the FBI, and have a little fun challenging Naz to a wager…

Having already proven his worth to Harris, Naz and the team, Finch decides its time that he had his own space within the headquarters and convinces Naz that, should he catch all 10 criminals on their most wanted list, she should grant his wish. With a team assembled, hereby known as the Brunotouchables (don’t ask), Finch, together with Boyle, Mike, Ike, Casey, James and Stavros, get to work.

James heads to Idaho and is tasked with locating cult leader Susanna Travis, who has convinced many of her followers to kill themselves before she skips town and escapes the drama. Boyle and Casey team up to take on (and down) cop-killer Ray Allen Clements while Mike is hunting a cartel leader. Exciting stuff right? Certainly for those guys, but not quite so for Ike who’s trailing a kidnapper in Greenland. Freezing and quite rightly utterly miserable, he completely overlooks the bloke at the research place where he’s staying, not realizing that he’s exactly who he’s looking for.

Finch and Harris meanwhile locate number 12 on the list, along with his lover, and easily persuade him to give up the information on number 9. With names being crossed off left right and centre, Finch takes some time to enjoy a long-overdue meal with his family. It’s a nice occasion, but Finch is troubled by his father’s unusual silence. While he ponders over what could be causing his dad to act so strange, Finch befriends Bill Gates, Ellen DeGeneres and Katy Perry and soon has them tweeting out the FBI Top 10. The Katy-Cats (and there are millions of them!) prove extremely useful and lead him to wife-murderer turned Rikers escapee Lawrence Drake. The downside to using social media? Practically everyone uses it so Drake manages to high-tail it away from his location before Finch and Harris arrive. Looking around Drake’s hide-out, he discovers the so-called killer has spent years obsessing over solving his wife’s murder and subsequently, when Drake returns, Finch takes it upon himself to prove the guy’s innocence.

Finch and Drake retire to Finch’s place, where they are soon joined by Finch’s sister Rachel who wants to watch Game of Thrones on his surround sound supported TV. While they enjoy some TV time together, they chat about their dad and Rachel admits that while the rest of the family are proud of Finch and his new career (if you can call it that), dad isn’t so easily won over and has concerns. A while later, Finch is talking over Drake’s case with Harris. Drake doesn’t remember much of the night his wife was killed – until Finch gives him an NZT pill, and then it all comes flooding back. He recalls a man in a ski mask and also what his face felt like (SERIOUSLY?) and that information, thanks to the use of facial recognition, points the three of them in the direction of a felon already convicted of several similar murders. At first (unsurprisingly) he’s not willing to confess, but does so when Finch overs him a bribe. A reduced jail sentence? Extra books to read in his cell? Nope. It turns out a killer will confess for as little as a dozen bagels. Case solved.

The episode then returns to Finch and his father, who surprises him by showing his son pieces of his old artwork. A conversation follows although it’s never made clear exactly what Finch tells his dad regarding NZT, but it certainly doesn’t bode well for the elder Finch, especially give Morra and Sands’ threats.

Limitless has once again left viewers on tender-hooks as they’re left waiting to see how things unfold. What exactly did Finch tell his dad? Will he get his own space at FBI headquarters? Time will tell I guess, but in the meantime, hit up the comments below with your thoughts and theories. See you next week!


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