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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Limitless: 01x10; Arm-ageddon

Rebecca Haslam | PopWrapped Author

Rebecca Haslam

04/15/2016 6:06 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Limitless: 01x10; Arm-ageddon | Limitless
Media Courtesy of sidereel

While last weeks’ episode of Limitless gave us all a little break from the drama and injected some fun into proceedings, this weeks’ sees matters far more serious come into play…

Having been left on a semi-cliff-hanger that saw Finch finally sit down with his dad Dennis and open up a little about NZT and what he’s been up to, we pick up at the same point. Duly worried about his son after he’s finished explaining – as best he can without getting too into the matter – Dennis is determined to get Finch out of the FBI and also away from NZT. He threatens to launch a legal battle against the FBI, something which Finch is left to ponder about as he’s once more called upon to assist on a case which centres around one of Boyle’s friends from the Army. Aaron Shaw lost his arm as a result of an IED some years back and Boyle, using his connections, was able to get him a bionic arm which operates almost as well as a real one. Feeling better about himself, Aaron had gotten on with his life – until now. He’s put in all call to 911 saying his wife had been strangled by his own bionic arm, which he tells the operator “had a life of its own.”

Boyle recruits Finch to help determine if such a thing could actually have happened and the pair head off to CRAFT, the research facility that had designed and created the arm. There they meet with Quentin Walker, the head designer, who informs them that the arm is unhackable. Finch, being his usual smart self, sees that as a challenge and sets to work, with the help of hactivist group Everywhere, proving Walker wrong, which he duly does.

Just as Finch proves the arm to be hackable, other bionic arms around the country also start to misbehave, with the majority seeming to play little pranks like pressing all the buttons on an elevator. It doesn’t take long for Finch and Boyle to determine that the arms are the only thing linking all the incidents together, meaning someone, somewhere wants to sabotage the project surrounding them.

Quizzing the employees about the arms, Finch is drawn towards Ellan Kang, but after he finds the hacking code on her computer, he realises she’s not who he’s looking for – at least not the main target of his attentions anyway. Instead, a simple hack of the New York Stock Exchange leads him to a shell corporation, Eve’s Mother, which he learns would profit from all arm-related mayhem, exactly like the many incidents freaking people out right now. The head honcho of Eve’s Mother, Kenny Sumida, is located in Dubai. Calling on his new friends at Everywhere once again, together with a quick play around with Photoshop, Finch succeeds in having Sumida extradited to the U.S, where, quite rightly, he’s arrested before quickly admitting to his part in the arm hacking. But, he’s not finished and instead points the finger at Shaw, saying he was paid $200,000 to allow his arm to be hacked. Shaw had been looking for a way to alibi his way out of trying to get away with his wife’s murder and so happily took Sumida’s offer.

Case solved, Finch’s attentions turn to his dad and his threat of a lawsuit against the FBI. Having avoided him to avoid controntation, he then finds himself (not literally) backed into a corner when his dad turns up at the FBI offices and makes a scene. Unwilling to leave the FBI, Finch admits he wants to stay, that he’s good at what he does and that he enjoys it. Unsurprisingly, such news doesn’t go down particularly well and a meeting with Naz later, his dad has made his feelings on the matter clear – if his son gets hurt or anything happens to him; she’ll be served up to the U.S. justice system – yikes!

Considering Finch’s dad prying into NZT and FBI matters, I for one was surprised not to hear mention or see Finch or Morra in this episode. I can only hope that the repercussions of his actions will be felt next week. Comment below with your thoughts and hopes for the show and I’ll be back next week.


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