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'Little Women: LA' Star Briana Renee Needs A Divorce

Mary Kiser | PopWrapped Author

Mary Kiser

Staff Writer
04/16/2017 11:08 am
PopWrapped | Celebrities
'Little Women: LA' Star Briana Renee Needs A Divorce | Little Women: LA

Briana Renee’s role in Little Women: LA has been both a blessing and a curse. She’s able to provide for her family, but she’s also exposed to the underbelly of fame: hate.

The star’s critics are always badgering her about her relationship with her husband Matt Grundhoffer, a man with a bad boy streak. However, she has continued to stay with her own “ride or die” version of Clyde.

Here are five reasons why “Bonnie” should think otherwise.

1. His Sex Addiction

Grundhoffer had a self-proclaimed sex addiction, and he used his diagnosis to justify his cheating. Even though his pregnant wife was seriously considering divorce, she gave her husband a second chance. However, as the months passed by, Grundhoffer was rumored to be relapsing. “Just last year Matt was caught in a sexting scandal with trans supermodel Plastic Martyr. A year before that a woman named Makayla claimed Matt sent her naked pictures and ‘vulgar’ texts,” an article relays.

2. Her Family and Friends Object

Renee’s loved ones warned her about Grundhoffer, and they wanted her to leave him. Despite their advice, the contentious couple got married. She recited her vows without her family and friends present, and her husband made no objections. He even seemed relieved.

3. His Derogatory Language

Renee and Grundhoffer were at a Little Women: LA reunion when he hurled slurs at Renee’s friends. They were attacking her husband, so he called them “f------ m------” before he left the stage. Renee, an advocate for little people everywhere, had nothing to say, even though her husband had just dropped the “M” word on national television.

4. Her Children’s (Lack of) Safety

Renee’s children Leiana and Maverick Jax are her world, and she would do anything to protect them. But her husband’s presence has jeopardized their safety. His issues with sex, alcohol, and the law have already put a strain on Renee, not to mention his own health and happiness. Their toxicity can harm their children, so they should re-evaluate their priorities. What’s more important? Their marriage or their babies?

5. His Manipulative Behavior

Reality TV should be watched with a grain of salt; programs like Little Women: LA will only show audiences tidbits of the whole story, and the power of production teams can alter the reality completely. However, their power is limited. Grundhoffer says whatever’s on his mind, and the man has a reputation for manipulation himself. Audiences have grown tired of his games, so almost 3,000 individuals have signed a petition to get the man fired. Renee should take notice.


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