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Loobook Recap Episode 6 "Roof Top"!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


05/11/2013 12:55 pm
Loobook Recap Episode 6

Tarra Matthews

Managing Editor

Welcome to the sixth episode of Lookbook! If you remember from last week Hannah seems to be having a bit of a meltdown at the hands of Cleo’s advice, her friend and brother are both mad at her and she seems ever so unhappy. Let’s see if things improve for her this week.

While out to lunch with Cleo, Hannah confides in her that Matt and her had a falling out and she is sans photographer at the moment. Instead of being a supportive friend, Cleo automatically suggests that Hannah try a new photographer, her partner in crime, Julius. I smell a plan of sabotage a brewing.

So Hannah heads off to meet Julius and it appears as though he’s lost his accent (he’s the British one remember) and he’s being super nice… Weird. And Hannah is super weirded out by this whole situation, just like I am.

Cleo suggests that the pair test out their new partnership by doing a test photo shoot on a new look. The dress that Hannah plucks from Cleo’s closet is this really cool dress with 3 different colors pieced together (the skirt, the diamond sides & the front panel). The shoot appears to be going okay until Hannah almost takes a tumble. Makes me think she’s still taking those pills Cleo gave her at the end of episode 4. It appears as though Hannah isn’t taking to well to Julius’ style of photographing either, his love for the ‘spur of the moment’ shot doesn’t bode well with Hannah.

After the shoot Cleo is reviewing the raw shots with Hannah who is still voicing her discomfort with Julius. Cleo chalks this up with the two just getting to know each other still but I’d say it is because Julius is creepy. Hannah has chemistry with Mark from the start! Hannah goes to check up on Julius’ editing of the photos (PS he’s back to being British) and things reach a whole new level of creepy when Julius tries to kiss Hannah out of the blue. Hannah rushes out of the room (after biting Julius on the lip) and Cleo calms her down enough not to leave and gives her a drink while she goes to talk to Julius.

Off in the other room it appears that this whole turn of events is part of Cleo and Julius’s plan all along to get rid of Hannah as a ‘threat’ to Cleo’s Lookbook status. They also seem pretty insinuating about the drink Hannah was given, that’s never good.

Tune in next week (May 13th)  to see if Hannah’s drink was in fact laced with something and what happens in the aftermath!! The fashion world definitely isn’t for the faint of heart!


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