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Fashion PopWrapped | Fashion

Lookbook Episode 3: Shrouded Path

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


04/17/2013 7:45 pm
PopWrapped | Fashion
Lookbook Episode 3: Shrouded Path

Tarra Matthews

Managing Editor

Hello Fashionistas! Hope you are ready for another new episode of Lookbook: The Series. Let’s see if we can figure out what Cleo has planned for Hannah and who is wearing what fabulous outfits.

The episode starts with Mark and Hannah taking shots for her next post on Lookbook, the long sleeved, yellow, print dress that I wouldn’t have chosen for myself but I suppose looks good on Hannah. The pair sit to look at the photos and it appears Mark is trying to get his flirt on with Hannah, and kind of succeeding, I think. Mark tells her about this blogger party she should go to but Hannah doesn’t ‘do crowds’ apparently. It takes some convincing but she’s talked into it.

We catch up with Cleo while she is multitasking, picking out an outfit for the party while plotting her take down of Hannah. Both getting done while she rocks this white cutout dress and looking amazing doing so. Of course Julius is there, because where else would he be when there is evil scheming to be done? He is wearing what looks like the snuggliest of men’s sweaters.

Hannah heads out to the party which is full of fashion, bloggers and amazing sunglasses. And I would be amiss if i didn’t mention the sparkly gold dress she was wearing. In the words of one of my favourite people, “Sparkle is one of my favourite colours!” She runs into a fellow blogger June, who gives her a crash course on ‘the scene’ - what she should keep doing and some advice. Cleo shows up right then and approaches Hannah, shocking her because she knows who she is and ‘digs her style.’ Of course this all has to be part of Cleo’s master plan, which seems to include a ‘Keep your enemies closer’ part.

Up Next

: what will go down between Hannah and Cleo have lunch together??

Keep your eyes out for episode 4 hitting the web April 22nd!!


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