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Maggie's Uganda Trip Is revealed On The Newsroom

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


08/05/2013 3:39 am
Maggie's Uganda Trip Is revealed On The Newsroom

Jacob Elyachar
Staff Writer

Last season, Newsroom viewers saw the News Night with Will McAvoy team came up on top against their bosses and delivered a harsh criticism of the Tea Party on-air. 

However, so far this season, fans saw the beginnings of a series of events that destroyed the show and put them in hot water with the Atlantis World Media litigators.

Did the audience discover any new clues that possibly lead to News Night’s downfall?  Read on to find out….

The main story on this week’s Newsroom focused on Maggie’s faithful trip to Uganda and why she is acting the way we saw in the premiere episode of Season Two.   Rebecca Halliday tried to see if Maggie could laugh but her efforts were no avail as Maggie was severely traumatized from her incident in Uganda.

Maggie and Gary Copper were in Uganda to film a story about U.S. soliders building an orphanage. As Maggie went inside to meet Pastor Jordan, the children were scared when Gary showed up with his camera, thinking it belong to the Cattle Raiders that stalk the villages    While Maggie and Pastor Jordan reassured them that they would not be harmed, she met a quiet boy named Daniel.  

The News Night Associate Producer bonded with Daniel as she read him: Lyle the Crocodile multiple times.   Daniel in turn had a fascination with Maggie’s blond hair because he had not seen hair like Maggie’s before.   Pastor Jordan jokingly said that “Blondes were trouble” to Daniel, but little did Maggie know that his words would haunt her. 

Unfortunately, Maggie and Gary saw first hand the threat the Cattle Raiders possessed in Uganda. They came to the orphanage because they received word of the News Night’sduo’s activities in Uganda and demanded them to give them the camera.   While Pastor Jordan and the staff were able to load a majority of the children onto the bus…Daniel was missing!

Maggie and Gary raced back into the orphanage to rescue Daniel.  As they made their way back towards the bus, a bullet came through and hit the boy.   Maggie was completely devastated and once she got back to New York, she was ordered by Atlantis Cable News’ Human Resources to seek medical help.    Maggie refused to go on the anti-depression medication and cut off her own blond hair off to wipe away the memories.

Around the News Night newsroom, Will, Sloan and Don’s snobby attitudes rubbed Occupy Wall Street member Shelley Walker, the wrong way, which almost cost Neal and Jerry to lose a crucial interview.    Meanwhile, Jim had his final days as a field reporter with the Romney Campaign when he was able to get a major interview with Governor Romney…but sacrificed his desired 30-miuntes to Hallie Shea, who was under fire from her boss.    While he was ordered back to New York City by an infuriated Mac, Jim received a “until we meet again” from Romney spokesperson Taylor and a kiss from Hallie.

Next week, the Trayvon Martin case hits “News Night”!


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