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March To The 100th Episode: Take A Trip Down Memory Lane As We Celebrate Glee's Most Fabulous Guest Stars

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/14/2014 11:57 am
PopWrapped | Fandom
March To The 100th Episode: Take A Trip Down Memory Lane As We Celebrate Glee's Most Fabulous Guest Stars
Media Courtesy of Fox
Courtesy of Fox Courtesy of Fox

Jacob Elyachar

Staff Writer


Glee is celebrating its 100th episode on FOX next week! As part of our "March To The 100th Episode" series, PopWrapped is paying tribute to the guest stars that made their presence known throughout the FOX dramedy’s five seasons! Without further ado, here are the 20 best guest stars: 20. Demi Lovato, Dani Our Glee guest star countdown kicks off with the “Give Your Heart A Break” singer.  The former X Factor USA made viewers smile as Santana’s love interest, Dani.   One of the fifth season’s best highlights was the duo performing the George Harrison-penned tune “Here Comes the Sun.”
Courtesy of Adorejauregui Courtesy of Adorejauregui
19. Adam Lambert, Elliott “Starchild” Gilbert Kurt Hummel never had a nemesis that he could not overcome.... until Elliott “Starchild” Gilbert walked into the room.  Played by the incredible American Idol alum, “Starchild” made a huge impression on viewers when he covered “Marry the Night” on “A Katy or a Gaga.” [embed][/embed] 18. Dame Helen Mirren, Becky Jackson’s inner voice It’s very rare to have an Academy Award-winning actor guest star on your show.  But when Helen Mirren voiced Becky Jackson…it was just pure bliss!
Courtesy of Gleeky Courtesy of Gleeky
17. Ricky Martin, David Martinez It is rare that the show introduced an adult friend/mentor for Mr. Schuster and Santana.  When Ricky Martin guested starred in Glee: Season Three, he infused Latin fever into the show and brought some extra heat that Glee needed that season.
Courtesy of Tyrion-lannister Courtesy of Tyrion-lannister
16. Kathy Griffin, Tammy Jean Albertson Kathy Griffin literally stole the show when she guest starred on Glee. Griffin excellently channeled Christine O’Donnell and Sarah Palin to deliver a performance that made the audience laugh out loud and help the Glee club head to Nationals.
Courtesy of Kurtsies Courtesy of Kurtsies
15. Matt Bomer, Cooper Anderson Who does not like watching siblings bicker? Viewers first saw who makes Blaine tick…his brother, Cooper Anderson (Matt Bomer).  Cooper’s fame made him arrogant and harsh to his younger brother, where he revealed that he was always harsh with his little brother because Blaine has so much talent. [embed][/embed] 14. Charice Pempengco, Sunshine Corazon One of the most powerful singers that have ever appeared on Glee is Charice. Her powerful voice kicked off Glee: Season Two in a big way as she delivered a vocal duel with Rachel (Lea Michele) on “Telephone” and performed “Listen” at the climax at the end of the second season’s premiere.  While Sunshine only made a few appearances in the sophomore season, Charice’s impeccable performances raised the bar on all of the show’s guest stars. [embed][/embed] 13. Sarah Jessica Parker, Isabelle Wright Kurt received the thrill of the lifetime when he found a mentor in’s Isabelle Wright. She encouraged him to chase his dreams and also knew when it was time for him to move on to ventures. Ms. Parker also got a chance to flex her vocal muscles with “Let’s Have A Kiki.” [embed][/embed] 12. Gloria Estefan, Maribel Lopez Music legend Gloria Estefan made her splash at near the end of the third season as Santana’s loving mother, Maribel Lopez.  She had a great chemistry with Naya Rivera and was one of the most supportive parents on the show.
Courtesy of ShayCriss Courtesy of ShayCriss
11. Kate Hudson, Cassandra July Not all of the adults on the show were willing to help the characters shine.  Kate Hudson channeled her inner Sue Sylvester as Rachel’s NYADA dance instructor and blasted her every chance she got.  Kate Hudson’s villainous approach to portraying the role made her a fan-favorite character everyone loved to hate. [embed][/embed] 10. Josh Groban, Himself Josh Groban is a jerk! Well…the fictional version of himself! He had a hard on for the Glee Club after making two appearances in Season One. But he was not the only one who dissed the Glee Club.
Courtesy of Chris Culfer Courtesy of Chris Culfer
9. Cheyenne Jackson, Dustin Goolsby The vain former Vocal Adrenaline coach manipulated events to gain the upper hand against New Directions. He successfully recruited Sunshine Corazon to his club and got New Directions’ rivals to Nationals. But, he was fired after the group got second. Jackson’s sinister portrayal of the rival Glee Club coach often showcased both comedic and dramatic moments.
Courtesy of Enjolrasimoved Courtesy of Enjolrasimoved
8. Britney Spears, Herself One of Season Two’s earliest highlights was Britney Spears’ guest appearance on the show! Titled “Britney/Brittany,” the pop icon was intermingled into the dreams of several New Directions members.  From being Rachel’s teacher to channeling her inner Madonna at the end of Brittany’s dream, Spears’s cameos helped the FOX show score its biggest audience!
Courtesy of Xmidnightfantasy Courtesy of Xmidnightfantasy
7. Olivia Netwon-John, Herself The Australian superstar dropped by Lima, Ohio to help Sue Sylvester redeem herself after an embarrassing video of the cheerleading coach is discovered on YouTube. Olivia showed off her impeccable vocals and had wonderful chemistry with Jane. [embed][/embed] 6. Whoopi Goldberg, Carmen Tibideaux If there was an award for the Best Teacher on Glee, it would not go to Will Schuster, Sue Sylvester or Cassandra July. It would go to the NYADA Dean of Vocal Performance and Song Interpretation.  Dean Tibideaux (Whoopi at her finest) taught honest lessons that helped both Rachel and Kurt reach their potentials in the Big Apple.
Courtesy of Berryandbeautiful Courtesy of Berryandbeautiful
5. Jonathan Groff, Jesse St. James Jesse St. James was one of Rachel’s crushes. While he used her to get the goods on the Glee Club, Jesse was able to redeem himself in during the next two seasons.  Plus, Jonathan and Lea stole the show when they covered Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” during the latter half of Glee’s sophomore season. [embed][/embed] 4. Kristin Chenoweth, April Rhodes Adam Shankman told reporters in multiple interviews that one of Glee’s muses was Kristin Chenoweth.  The Tony & Emmy-winning actress’s portrayal of Will’s high school crush, April Rhodes, showcased her snarky side as the high school dropout. We cannot wait to see her again on the show’s 100th episode. [embed][/embed] 3. Gwyneth Paltrow, Holly Holiday Another muse of the show is Oscar-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow.  Holly Holiday brought a ray of sunshine to the choir room as the club’s substitute teacher. She also helped Brittany and Santana explore their feelings with a powerful cover of “Landslide.” [embed][/embed] 2. Idina Menzel, Shelby Cochran When Glee premiered back in 2009, fans noticed an uncanny resemblance between Lea Michele and Tony winner Idina Menzel. Months later, the Tony award-winning actresses appeared as Rachel’s biological mother. They had wonderful chemistry throughout the first two seasons and stole several episodes with their performances of “Poker Face” and “I Dreamed A Dream.” [embed][/embed] Neil Patrick Harris, Bryan Ryan The best Glee guest star of all-time is Neil Patrick Harris! He was one of the show’s first major guest stars.  NPH played the perfect villain: Bryan Ryan, who was out to destroy the Glee Club because he was not as successful when he was in high school.  He also starred in one of the show’s epic sing-offs: “Dream On” (with Matthew Morrison). [embed][/embed] There you have it! Popwrapped's top 20 Glee guest stars. Do you agree with our list?

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