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Television PopWrapped | Television

Marvel/Freeform's First 'Cloak & Dagger' Trailer Released

V Donovan | PopWrapped Author

V Donovan

04/20/2017 8:27 am
PopWrapped | Television
Marvel/Freeform's First 'Cloak & Dagger' Trailer Released | Cloak And Dagger

Marvel's newest TV show is on it's way. Instead of ABC or Netflix, Cloak & Dagger will be airing on Freeform in 2018, and a first trailer has finally been released.

Cloak & Dagger is a comic from the 80's about a pair of teenage superheroes dedicated to saving kids. Tandy, played by Disney's Olivia Holt, is a rich girl who gets the power to emit light daggers, and Tyrone, played by Aubrey Joseph, a lowerclass black male, is a has the ability to engulf others in darkness. The two meet and team up, but they also have a romantic relationship, which we know will probably make the world-saving just that much more complicated.

Check out the first trailer and meet the newest heroes to the small screen:

With ABC, we knew Marvel's show (Agents Of SHIELD) wouldn't be too dark, where as with Netflix's shows (Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist), we were ready for the gritty darkness. Freeform is new, so I had no idea what the tone would be, and judging from this trailer, it seems to be on the darker side. Anything with children being placed in life-threatening situations is a warning to me!

But overall, this looks neat. These heroes obviously compliment each other with the light and dark thing, and on TV with all its visual effects, this show could be really cool! And, since this is clearly an origin story, we'll get to see the duo meet and develop their powers as well as their partnership, taking us along for the ride. Since Tandy and Ty are teenagers, their journey will be more trail and error based and authentic as they're still young. So far in the superhero genre on TV or in movies, there aren't any teenage heroes, and aside from Matt Murdock, none without a support system.

Though the darkness of this show isn't appealing to me too much (I mean, there wasn't even a throwaway comedic line!), I have faith in Marvel, as well as their darkness, and so far, Tandy and Ty seem to be very compelling heroes with a very interesting story. Are you looking forward to Cloak & Dagger?


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