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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

This Week's The Flash Pits Barry Against Arrow

Carleen | PopWrapped Author


Staff Writer
10/30/2015 2:05 am
PopWrapped | Television
This Week's The Flash Pits Barry Against Arrow | Arrow
Media Courtesy of CW
This week's episode of The Flash entitled "Flash Vs. Arrow." This week we see some familiar Starling City and things get a little outrageous. We start this episode off with Barry's monologue once more. As the Flash is running through Central City, he is being all cute and lovely as he becomes match-marker. He gives him self a "major case of feels" and Barry's romantic side quickly takes a turn as we see a man (we assume a metahuman) entering the bank. As he passes everyone he turns them into raging lunatics thanks to his red eyes.  As the crowd goes into complete chaos the metahuman breaks into the vault. When The Flash finally arrives, all breaks loose at the bank. He gets there just in time to save a male patron from a gunshot. Life in paradise is getting pretty hard for Iris and Eddie. Their relationship hits a rough patch when Eddie tries to form an anti-Flash Task force and pitches the idea to Captain Singh. Unlike Iris, Eddie doesn't believe The Flash is a force of good. He thinks he has other motives. We get our first Iris/The Flash interaction for this episode. This meet up has Iris trying to get him to open up more about himself. The more she asks the less information The Flash gives her . The interaction is cut short when Cisco buzzes in with important news for Barry. Barry says a smooth comment and speeds away. The CCPD Tracks Bivolo down to a storage facility. When they approach him, he uses his powers to turn one of the SWAT members against the rest of the team. Shots were fired but not before The Flash arrived and saved the rest of the team. The cop attempts to shoot again but not before an arrow is shot at him. The Arrow appears and says “Nice mask” before he makes his smooth exit. Seeing The Arrow leaves Barry smiling. Joe on the other hand...not so much. What would make a better crossover episode? We also brought Team Arrow into the mix. We are brought to Diggle and Felicity awaiting Oliver’s return. We notice a couple of things: Diggle finding out that Barry has super speed and is The Flash. Let me tell you Diggle’s reaction is pretty priceless. The funny times doesn’t stop there. When Oliver makes it to meet them he smiles, tells jokes and other stuff you wouldn’t normally see when Oliver is around those two. When Barry asks why the team is in Central City, Felicity tells him that they are here to investigate a murder committed by the use of a boomerang. We see Barry ask Oliver to team-up with him but to protect his own identity, Oliver declines. However, Felicity decides to help. Once Felicity gets to S.T.A.R Labs Joe and Dr. Wells show up and ask to speak with Barry. To no one’s surprise, neither Joe or Wells is happy with Barry’s interaction with the Arrow and his presence in Central City. They also tell him that they think he is a bad influence on him as well.  Joe makes one thing absolutely clear to Barry. By the end of the conversation between the three of them Joe wants the Arrow out of his town.  Meanwhile Oliver uses his own set of skills to find out the name of the Metahuman The Flash and his team is trying to locate. Oliver succeeds when he gets the name by putting an arrow through the leg of the storage facility manager. This gives more fuel for Eddie to start the anti-vigilante task force. After some convincing from Felicity, Oliver agrees to help Barry find his metahuman, under the condition that he actually doesn’t have to call him that. Once a handshake takes place, they meet at an abandoned farm for some training. After seeing first hand what Barry can do, Oliver finds that Barry rushes into his fights with out looking at the situation first hand. We see that Barry thinks that he can beat Oliver with his powers alone, and is surprised when Oliver manages to put two arrows in his back. Back at S.T.A.R Labs, Dr. Wells pulls Felicity aside and asks her to reveal the Arrow’s Secret identity. He lets Felicity know that he doesn’t like “Unknown quantities” because they’re dangerous and he can’t trust what he doesn’t know. Felicity refuses to tell him because it's not her secret to tell. Wells just resigns to figure it out himself.  Using the facial recognition software installed by Felicity, the gang is able to track Bivolo down to a townhouse. Instead of waiting for Oliver, Barry goes after him on his own.  Barry looses when he comes against Bivolo and he looks his red eyes into Barrys.  When first seen, Barry seems immune to Bivolo’s powers but we quickly learn that that isn’t the case. Instead of changing Barry he begins to have severe rage and negative feelings:  He tells Caitlin that he isn’t Ronnie so she needs to stop being over-protective of him, he accuses Oliver of being being jealous of him. In which Oliver tells him he still has much to learn. Then later back in the office he yells at Captain Singh for always being on his case and at Joe for always doubting him and taking his side about his mother’s case. Nothing could be worse when we see Iris and Eddie leaving together. Later on that night we see The Flash yank Eddie out of the car and express his feelings and throws him to the ground. Meanwhile back at the lab, Cisco is working with Team Arrow to try and find Barry before something really bad happens. (Where is that cold gun now, huh?).  The Arrow finally reaches Barry before he does something he will regret with Eddie. Full Flash rage is going on as we get quite the impressive battle sequence between Arrow and Flash. Everything Oliver has been trying fails as Barry just starts to super-punch him. Eventually, Oliver manages to put an Arrow right through Barry’s leg which indeed slows him down. Long enough that Oliver can put him in a hold. We then see Wells and Joe show up in the van to flash some colored lights in Barrys eyes to reverse the effects. After it wears off, Barry and Oliver head to capture Bivolo. Although they go to capture him, we don’t actually get to see them fight and capture him. Though we do get to see Bivolo get contained in S.T.A.R Labs. Barry meets up with Oliver and Felicity at Jitters. Oliver gives Barry some advice that he doesn’t think  he’ll enjoy hearing.  Oliver tells Barry that because of the life he has chosen, Iris and him will never work out and that Barry needs to let her go for both their sakes. We then go to the office as we see that Eddie has been granted Eddie’s Anti-Flash task force. Iris is happy for him. Later on we see The Flash wanting a meeting with Iris to apologize, but instead of accepting his apology, Iris tells him to stay away from her. We near the end of the episode with Caitlin looking at a photo of Ronnie and her. We then pan to what looks like someone under a bridge. We see two things accost a shivering homeless man. Before we know it, we see the man’s entire body go up in flames. Possible Ronnie interaction in the near future? We will have to wait and see. Well guys there you have it! What did you think of the episode? Are you excited for the mid-season finale? Let us know what you thought in the comments!

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