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Disney PopWrapped | Disney

Merida Makeover Sparks Controversy

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


05/11/2013 1:48 pm
PopWrapped | Disney
Merida Makeover Sparks Controversy


Bec Heim 
Content Editor

Disney has recently announced the inclusion of Merida from the Academy Award winning movie Brave into its Disney Princess collection.

For some inexplicable reason, Disney has decided that Merida also warrants a makeover. Check it out below. New Merida is on the left. Regular Merida is on the right.


Do you notice the difference? She’s thinner, has defined hips, wears a shiny dress and her hair is relatively tamed. Wait! Where’s her bow and arrows?! Aw. Why Disney?

As you can expect, the so called new and improved Merida has gotten some angry attention from parents. Brave, to most, appeared to be the first truly feminist princess film. As blogger Kristen Howerton put it: “Merida does not pine for a prince to come to her rescue, and solves her own problems without the aid of a suitor.”

Damn right she did. Merida was independent, had a realistic body type, cleaned up her own mess without the aid of a prince charming and, in general, acted realistically.

Fans of Merida are not taking this laying down though. A petition by MightyGirl, a female empowerment website, has sprung up on and already has 19,000 signatures!

If you would like to sign the petition click HERE.


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