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Sports PopWrapped | Sports

Montreal Canadiens' Alex Galchenyuk Domestic Abuse Case Another Example of Stereotyping

Sammi Silber | PopWrapped Author

Sammi Silber

01/18/2016 7:18 am
PopWrapped | Sports
Montreal Canadiens' Alex Galchenyuk Domestic Abuse Case Another Example of Stereotyping | Alex Galchenyuk
Media Courtesy of Ooyuz

It was a tough weekend for Montreal Canadiens forward Alex Galchenyuk. On Sunday night, his girlfriend was arrested in a domestic abuse dispute. However, it was not her apologizing today; it was Galchenyuk who came forward and said sorry.

"I apologize for the incident," Galchenyuk said. "The last thing I wanted was it to be a distraction for my teammates."

Even the Montreal Canadiens head coach Michel Therrien called the entire situation a "distraction."

"Distraction" is not a good word to describe domestic violence. Also, Galchenyuk should not be apologizing. At all.

Dave Stevenson, a news desk writer for FanSided, wrote an interesting side to the story today. You can read it in full right here.

His girlfriend deserves the presumption of being innocent until proven guilty, but not to the point that it interferes with Galchenyuk's presumption of being credible until proven otherwise.

I don't understand why everyone today thinks that in these situations, given that these people in these situation are stereotyped. Yes, stereotyped.

It is always the girl who is the victim, and it is always the dominant male or the athlete who is the abuser. We need to start realizing that it is not always that way; it can 100 percent be the other way around.

The generalizations and assumptions need to stop. These people who assume that Galchenyuk was the instigator of the abuse without even knowing a thing about what happened are the ones who make it a problem. Who was in handcuffs?

What I also hate hearing, even from a few feminists who push for the rights of ALL (they do push for women's rights, but also for everyone's rights to be equal), is the following.

"Men can't be abused." Or even moreso, "Men can't be raped."

Let me say this: men can be victims, too.

And though we don't know exactly what happened, nor do we know about what went on in their house Sunday night, you need to give the benefit of the doubt and see the one who was arrested. You were not at the incident, so you cannot say that Galchenyuk was the abuser and not a victim.

In addition, this is to Mr. Galchenyuk: you should not be apologizing. I agree with Dave's argument; if Galchenyuk is in fact a victim of domestic abuse, he should not be apologizing. He should get up, focus on the game he loves and work to recuperate.

This is yet another case of stereotyping and making assumptions. First, it was Kobe Bryant accused of rape. This year, it was Patrick Kane accused of rape, and though he was found innocent, everyone just assumed he committed the crime because he was drunk at a night club, and because in his past he has had running with the law.


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