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More Shakeups: Hasselbeck AND Walters Leaving 'View' Too?!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/10/2013 7:41 pm
More Shakeups: Hasselbeck AND Walters Leaving 'View' Too?!

Joey O’Hern

Staff Writer

Shortly after it was announced that Joy Behar the long time co-host of the ABC talk show  “The View” would be leaving, rumors starting swirling that Elisabeth Hasselbeck, the show’s lone conservative voice would be out as well, but not by her choice. Reports said that a survey administered by ABC to the viewers suggested that Hasselbeck was too right wing and extreme, turning viewers off from watching. ABC who wouldn’t confirm or deny the speculation released a simple statement commenting that Hasselbeck was a  “valued member of The View” and had a “long term contract”.  But the rumors didn’t stop there, whispers started to grow stronger that Barbra Walters (the shows founder, original co-host and executive producer) was being asked to step down as well and as you might have expected, ABC had no comment. Other reports say that Brooke Shields has been tapped to fill one of the spots at the table once she’d done with her stint on “Army Wives”.

 My opinion? It’s time to add some edge to the show not to mention where is the Hispanic voice? Here are few of my suggestions of who should take the speculated empty spots.

 Rosie Perez: Not only is she hilarious, she’s young, edgy, and could bring in the Latino viewers that “The View” is wanting to reach.

 Megan McCain: Now personally, I don’t think she’d ever do a permanent sit down job but she’d be perfect. Not only is she young, she edgy, and could be the “cool” voice for the conservative viewers. She could relate well to some of the younger guest they have.

 Brooke Shields: The rumors about Brooke I can actually believe to be true. She’s been co-hosting quite a bit lately and that’s a sign that talks with her are happening. I find her charming, gorgeous and easy to talk to. I wouldn’t be surprised if Whoopi is campaigning hard for her.

 Kristen Chenoweth: This will never happen, because she knows it and ABC knows it, she’s to much of a star to have to share the spotlight. Admit though, she’d be hilarious.

 Melissa McCarthy: Also, another suggestion that will never happen. With a contract with CBS, and a growing film career we can count her out but gosh she’d be a lot of fun to see on a daily basis!

 What are your thoughts? Who do YOU want to be added to the table? (COMING SOON!) (COMING SOON!)

Instagram: PopWrapped


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