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Mr. Murphy, It's My Turn. Let's Talk About Glee!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/08/2013 7:55 pm
Mr. Murphy, It's My Turn. Let's Talk About Glee!

Bec Heim

Content Editor

Being a Gleek is a really hard thing, guys.

 My friends are slightly embarrassed by my Gleek-ness. It’s now socially acceptable because I write about it for work but before hand it was embarrassing. I do a weekly Glee-cap. I troll forums. I write a blog about Glee. I have practically every song the show has ever released in my iTunes. I can name you specifics on every episode for the past four seasons with frightening accuracy along with the careers of the actors.

 And I still stand by what I said in “Rediscovering the glee in Glee” because this season I am rediscovering my love for the show.

 However, underneath every optimistic Gleek there is a deep streak of cynicism and bitter resentment. Trust me. I have it.

 Because we all know the deep and abiding truth of Glee.

It could have been so much better than it is now.

 I roll my eyes. I bang my head. I groan out loud. Swear that I’m going to quit it even though it’s a hollow promise. Truth be told now that I’m twenty-one I debate taking a shot after the harder to swallow episodes. Which, admittedly, season four has a minor number of compared to season three at least?

 Now don’t get me wrong, I love Glee. Hell without Glee I wouldn’t have realized what I wanted to do the rest of my life or have the guts to start a blog/apply for PopWrapped. But…well…

 Look it’s not you, Glee; you just had a really bad run of bad planning and not enough time to flesh out stories.

 Ryan Murphy, the showrunner of Glee and two other shows, does have a really good talent. However, his talent only really extends in making an awesome first season. I don’t know if he has a short attention span or if he gets bored easily but after that his shows…his shows start to decline. He has great framework but it feels like everything needs to be fleshed out more when we see what makes it to screen.

 Plus the guy has a full plate for a television show creator/writer/director/producer, I respect the work that he does but…yeah he needs to step down. We have watched the train wreck of season three and the very slow and painful reconstruction of season four (which again I really like despite what everyone says). He’s wearing too many hats at this point to function effectively. Hell he was wearing too many hats in season two. We all could see what was happening even back then no one just said anything about it.

 I mean the characters alone! Sue Sylvester and Will Schuester have become parodies of themselves. Blaine hasn’t had any really decent characterization in forever! It was so crucial to have that creepy Blina crush wasn’t it? We could have used Sadie Hawkins to explore Blaine getting beaten up/gay bashed several years ago and his issues stemming from that! But nope! Creepy Blina crush that made everyone feel uncomfortable! Rachel is just…Rachel is Lea Michele with a different name guys we are all thinking it. Just like we’re thinking Rachel’s NYC storyline is crap because everything is handed to her on a silver platter without any real challenge for it. Honestly if Kurt didn’t have a better storyline that I am legitimately invested in then I would just say scrap the whole NYC parts.

 And yet, I still love the show and will defend it with my fangirl enthusiasm. We always have that fact that it’s not Twilight or any other pop culture crap that’s floating around right now. It’s lasted for four seasons.

 But like I said what makes most Gleeks bitter is well it could have been so much more. However, for reasons of behind the scenes drama, it just failed. It’s now shameful to be a Gleek in polite company. This is really sad because a few years ago it wasn’t.

 Ryan Murphy needs to step down as the main showrunner. He’s wearing too many hats on his head. He has amazing ideas but he never lets them be fleshed out in any real meaningful way. I’m not saying give it to someone outside of the show to run. I mean give it to Ian Brennan; he’s not doing anything except Glee right now. Most of his episodes are fan favorites! They harkens back to the Glee Golden Age. Ryan Murphy can construct the framework and let Ian Brennan or whoever flesh it out. It would make for such a better and well put together show otherwise.

 Yet, that will never happen; fans of Nip/Tuck look at us Gleeks and understand exactly what we are going through.

 So why do I still watch it? Why despite my cynicism and relentless optimism do I love the show so much?

 Um. I just do. I’m still invested in some of the characters. I still like the comedic timing on the show. Plus I respect the actors and how much work they put in to make the show work as well as it does despite the…hiccups. Look some wise person once said that if you talk about something in an intelligent way then you have to love it, you have to be passionate about it on some level. Glee still invokes a deep passion in me. I want the show to succeed. Maybe not become the cultural juggernaut it once was but instead become something of a favorite amongst a certain base of dedicated viewers with good characters, good plots and good music.

 I think it can be salvaged. I just think it needs a different hand guiding the reconstruction/salvaging process. Glee is not a total waste. There are a lot of really good little bits that if fleshed out and worked on could become really good big stuff. And I think that is what frustrates the average Gleek, they can see it (even if they can’t name it) and know that it can be so much better if given a little bit more time in the writing process or when they storyboard it.

 You have the great music. You have the amazing performers. You have the dedicated crew. You even have good writers. You just need more time, Glee, or a better person to direct the full season long and beyond vision.

 Call it a fool’s dream. But I hope someday that will happen. (Though it probably won’t.)

 Until that day will or will not come, I will still simultaneously love and hate you Glee.

 It’s a thin line but it’s one I will never fully cross. (COMING SOON!) (COMING SOON!)

Instagram: PopWrapped


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