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Naya Rivera Spills The Beans On Glee Season 4 And Her Solo Album!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/17/2013 10:39 pm
Naya Rivera Spills The Beans On Glee Season 4 And Her Solo Album!


Clare Sidoti

Staff Writer

While she may have been MIA in a number of the first few episodes of Glee’s fourth season, Naya Rivera’s Santana Lopez has well and truly returned over recent weeks, adding an amazing new dynamic to the NYC storyline and stealing every scene she appears in. Rivera recently chatted with Vulture about season 4, Brittana fans and the latest on her solo album.

Having left her pompoms behind in Louisville and setting herself up with Rachel (Lea Michele) and Kurt (Chris Colfer) in New York, Santana is back with a vengeance and is bringing her old Lima Heights ways to the Big Apple, and God forbid anyone who gets in her way or threatens her ‘family’ – yes I’m talking to you Brody Weston (Dean Geyer). While we’re pleased that Santana is finding direction in her life, one of the biggest storylines affecting her this season has been the break up with Brittany (Heather Morris) and fans around the world are still clinging to the hope that Brittana will reconcile. Rivera has been amazed at the outpouring from fans of the couple though they’ll be pleased to know that their regular trends of “Brittana forever!” have not gone unnoticed by the star. While she felt that the break up was a “natural choice” with Brittany still in Lima and Santana in Louisville and now in New York, she’s happy that Santana can start to live her life and hinted that the next few episodes will focus on the start of “telling her New York story” – what she wants to do for a career and hopefully some of her interactions with fellow workers and customers at the Coyote Ugly bar she just scored a job at. Fans hoping that she might drop some hints about the future of Brittana and if she can expect a visit from the Cheerio anytime soon, will be left sorely disappointed. Rivera has no idea if she’ll be sharing screen time with Morris in the last two episodes of the season. She did say that if there’s a reason for them all to be back in Lima she assumes “I’ll talk to Brittany and see her.” Though we’re all hoping it will be more than a friendly wave that we got in “I Do.”

One thing she is loving about season 4 is that Santana is finally in New York now. She loves the dynamic between Kurt, Rachel, and Santana and the addition of Santana into their lives has certainly shaken up that storyline. Rivera puts it perfectly in saying that “they all really complement each other because they’re so different,” and fans are loving her no-holds-barred, say it like it is, one-liners. It’s great to have a character who comes in, lays it all out and says what we’re all thinking especially in regard to the new New York Rachel. Though I do hope Ryan Murphy is listening to her when she says we “need to have some type of DVD bonus” of Santana’s scavenge through the apartment in “Feuds” and the drug miming from “Girls (and Boys) on Film.”

While Rivera is enjoying her work with Michele and Colfer, she does admit that the approach taken with season 4 makes it feel like a different show and she misses working with some of the old cast who are still stuck in Lima. She also revealed how “insanely jealous” Michele and her are of the new New Directions; while they had to endure strict six-hour dance rehearsals, “at the end of every episode they get to do a fun number where they just, like, run around. Like free-form rock-out! We never got to do that!” 

While a fifth season has yet to been confirmed, Vulture stated that Lea Michele has said that she’s definitely coming back and has heard how the season may unfold. On asking, Rivera her thoughts on being back for season 5, fans will be pleased to know that given the direction Santana has taken this season and how her storyline is evolving, she’d “absolutely be down to be around for some portion of that.”  

And what about this solo album we’ve long been awaiting? Well as Glee wraps at the end of April, she hopes to get a lot of work done in the hiatus and aims for it to be released sometime this year. Describing the sound as “soulful, jazzy, urban,” one of her biggest decisions is whether to release an EP or a full album. While she would love to release an entire album, she does see the benefits of an EP, namely getting it out faster as she wants “people to stop being mad at me!”


Would you prefer a longer wait but an entire Naya album or do you just want to own something now so an EP will do? Let us know. (COMING SOON!) (COMING SOON!)

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