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Television PopWrapped | Television

How Will Negan Die On The Walking Dead Season 7?

Maria Alicia | PopWrapped Author

Maria Alicia

Staff Writer
12/31/2016 8:45 pm
PopWrapped | Television
How Will Negan Die On The Walking Dead Season 7? | Negan
Media Courtesy of AMC

The midseason finale left us with all the feels. The Walking Dead broke us down again with the death of two Alexandrians, the suspense of Rosita trying to take out Negan, as well as poor Eugene being taken hostage. Thank goodness the show left us with some kind of hope, as Daryl escaped the Saviors’ compound (and with the help of Jesus) and made it back to Hilltop. He was even reunited with many members of Alexandria, complete with a long overdue hug between Daryl and Rick.

So ... what’s going to happen next for our group?  Of course, we are looking forward to the demise of Negan, but how is it going to happen? Here is what we know.

Negan's Demise

There are many players in the immediate area of whom some of our crew are aware. Let’s start with King Ezekiel. He has a TIGER. A freaking TIGER. For as much as we would love for Ezekiel to let Shiva loose and go to town on Negan, we do hope that a member of the crew (namely Maggie, Rosita, Sasha, Daryl, or Rick) gets their revenge in a one-on-one showdown. If Ezekiel’s Kingdom, the Hilltop, and Alexandria all team up, they may have the numbers to take on Negan’s Compound, but that might not be enough due to the fact that they are low on weapons.

But wait, who knows where the weapons are? That would be Tara. The problem, then, becomes that she promised not to give up the location of all those weapons at Oceanside. On the other hand, all of these women do have their own bones to pick with Negan for killing all the men in their group. Maybe they will be convinced to at least lend a helping hand and give some of their weapons to the cause.

However this all goes down, we will be praying for Negan to be out of the picture by the end of this season. What are your thoughts? Watch the teaser below for a sneak peak at the midseason premiere, and watch AMC on February 12 at 9/8c to see what happens!


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