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Netflix Drops Comedy Series 'Friends From College'

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
07/18/2017 10:18 am
PopWrapped | Reviews
Netflix Drops Comedy Series 'Friends From College'  | Friends from college
Media Courtesy of David Lee/Netflix

Netflix dropped a new comedy series on Friday, July 14th called Friends From College and it’s both amazing and terrible all at the same time.  The series stars a handful of comedy stars and sometimes the show has you in stitches while other times it leaves you cringing over how terrible all the characters are as people.  However, we would have to rule that the funny moments outweigh the bad so if you are in need of a fun show on a Friday night, this is an easy binge.

Friends From College is a quick eight episode season with thirty-minute episodes which makes it an easy series to watch.  The show revolves around Ethan Turner (Keegan Michael-Key) and his friends from Harvard.  He is married to Lisa (Cobie Smulders), while also having a twenty year affair with their friend Sam (Annie Parisse), who is married to a man who isn’t in their college friend group.  

Meet the Friends From College

The series begins with one of Sam and Ethan’s romps where he tells her that he and Lisa are moving back to NYC.  They decide to break things off now that the entire friend group will be in the same city.  Once Lisa and Ethan make the move, we meet the rest of the friend group.  First is Marianne (Jae Suh Park), who Ethan and Lisa are going to live with temporarily in her living room on a fold out couch.  Next is Nick (Nat Faxon), and he’s an ex of Lisa’s from the college days along with being a man who doesn’t work because he has a trust fund.  The final member of the squad is our personal favorite Max (Fred Savage), because he is an absolute treat throughout the entire series and probably the least awful person of the bunch.  Max’s partner Felix (Billy Eichner), does his best to keep up with the insanity of the friend group but it’s tough to get in the middle of twenty years of history.

The show itself mostly revolves around the character’s history mixed in with their current life situations.  Ethan is an award winning author but he wants to be more mainstream, so Max convinces him to try his hand at YA (young adult) fiction which becomes a huge attack on the genre.  The one positive is an amazing guest appearance from Kate McKinnon as a famous YA author.  Lisa is dealing with infertility and a new job which she hates.  However, her job does get us a few moments from Ike Barinholtz which are a treat.  The rest of the characters are just floating around in this story to aid in the overall storyline which ends on a very sad note.

Our favorite episodes of the series include two, three, five and six.  These four are where the laughs really happen between day drinking, drugs, a party bus in the wonderful vineyard country of Rhode Island and a wedding with Fun Ethan.  These episodes include the best guest appearances as well.  We mentioned two above but we are also gifted great performances by Seth Rogen and William Hill.  Overall, this show isn’t going to make history as one of Netflix’s best, but it’s certainly not the worst.  Kill a rainy afternoon with this one but don’t rush home and skip real plans.  Shout out with your thoughts on Twitter if you’ve already binged Friends From College.  

Friends From College Trailer


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