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New Details In Harry Potter SuperFan, Melissa Anelli, Stalker Case!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


07/20/2013 2:57 am
New Details In Harry Potter SuperFan, Melissa Anelli, Stalker Case!

Zachary Jaydon
Senior Editor

Warning: This post contains GRAPHIC details and photos that are arguably NSFW. Audience discretion is advised.


July 26, 2008 marked the start of a nearly five-year battle between Harry Potter SuperFan, Melissa Anelli and accused stalker, Jessica Elizabeth Parker and has resulted in a U.S. “recommendation of arrest” for Parker, a New Zealand resident accused of criminally stalking Anelli and harassing her family, friends and colleagues from abroad. Parker, whom alternately wants to bed and kill Anelli has left dozens of voicemails for Anelli, along with sending an unrelenting barrage of threatening emails. Anelli alleges to have never before met Parker, acknowledging that she is aware that Parker came to New York, at least once, while she was traveling overseas. Death threats, harassment, and a laundry list of odd incidents are among the allegations named in the most recent criminal document. Sources tell


that Parker became irate after being banned from using the Leaky Cauldron website for making threats regarding Emma Watson, who played Hermione Granger in the eight Harry Potter films. The harassment of Anelli began shortly after, beginning with a simple post, titled “being upset,”


and has spiraled, out-of-control, into a situation leaving Anelli, her family and her associates feeling “scared and powerless.”


Fast forward to 2009, when Parker sent an email to Anelli that read in part, "If you have nothing to say to me and never will do so, then goodbye and good riddance to you, your family and the rest of your ill-begotten kind. Alas this won’t be the last time. You will have much to fear from me in the coming months, MA. THIS IS NOT OVER UNTIL SOMEONE IS ON THE FLOOR BLEEDING THEIR LIFE AWAY,"

Among the most disturbing, Parker’s body is literally riddled with tattoos of Anelli’s likenes,


but the odd body art doesn’t stop there. Parker has also gotten an exact replica of one of Anelli’s tattoos, in addition to tattoos depicting other Leaky brand entities and figures. Parker has also created a full series of artwork featuring Anelli and written a full series of fan fiction featuring Anelli and her colleagues. John Noe, Harry Potter Editor, Cheryl Klein Mugglecast’s Ben Schoen, Pottercast alumni, Sue Upton, Author Maureen Johnson, and New York Times Bestselling Author, John Green’s, personal assistant, Rosianna Halse are all featured in her Anelli-focused fan-fiction as well. Among the most disturbing, is this excerpt from a dominatrix-themed chapter, featuring Anelli and Parker, in which she reveals intimate details regarding Anelli, including the fact that she is a natural redhead:



An apartment somewhere in New York:

There I was, my arms raised and tied to door posts, stripped completely naked. Awaiting the snap of a whip in the hands of a woman I both loved and hated, praised one moment and cursed the next.
I watched her from the corner of my eye, she was practising with the whip she was to use on me, I could hear the swish and crack and it made me arch my back involuntarily.
She would laugh whenever I did so, a great chortle layered with malice and pleasure. I longed for her and had demanded to be punished in this way, suprisingly the law agreed and she did too.
They allowed for me to come to New York for this to happen and now she stood behind me, wearing little more than black lingerie and nothing else.
My mistress brushed long red hair out of her eyes and raised the whip, bringing it down across my shoulders and making them sting. I let out a quick sob and braced myself for the next blow, which came down upon the middle of my back, where one of my numerous tattoos stood out stark against pale skin.
She would talk as each lash landed, sometimes it was dirty, other times telling me I was a bad girl, her accent driving me crazy with desire.
I wanted to be untied, I wanted to make love to her with such passion that I cried. The whip was soon discarded and she began to touch my back, ramming her sharp nails into the lash marks, causing them to bleed.
Tears rolled down my cheeks as I wept, it was but moments until she began to kiss my neck, her hands caressing my tattooed thighs, making me moan in the process.
She reached up and began to untie the knots around my wrists, still kissing me all the while. Eventually I was free and clung to her with all my might, shuddering as I felt her inside me. It felt like hours before I came, a long moan escaping my lips as I kissed her own.
I had to have this woman for myself, soon her cries echoed throughout the living room as I pleasured her with strokes of my fingers and kisses to her cheeks, mouth and neck.
My face buried in her hair as I felt something ooze onto my digits and I withdrew, the kisses never ending amongst the squeaks and sighs that came from my lover, my mistress.”

According to New Zealand documents, Parker was arrested in December 2011, resulting in a

“deferred prosecution agreement”

resolution to the case in March of 2012. According to the recent FBI complaint, the harassment has only continued.

In January, 2013 she threatened to "return to New York… and end you for good," and in March, Parker allegedly sent a postcard to Anelli’s parents’ Staten Island, New York home, threatening, "As long as you refuse to deal with me, I’ll remain being that little demon on your shoulder. I can’t be denied forever, you will give yourself to me in bed one day. Else I will return to your home and flay you alive. Your soulmate."

Law enforcement sources tell


that, as of now, Parker has not been arrested again in relation to the U.S.’s recent recommendation. She does, however, face immediate arrest if she ever attempts to return to U.S. soil, according to the FBI arrest warrant filed in Brooklyn Federal Court on Wednesday. The same law enforcement source, familiar with this case, tells


“U.S. officials rarely get heavily involved in these types of cases because, generally, the actual threat is minimal when the threatening individual is residing overseas, or even out-of-state. The police don’t have the man power or the resources to hunt down school-yard bullies residing thousands of miles away. Do I think what Parker is doing is right? Absolutely not. Whether or not the threat of actual physical harm is real or simply perceived is another matter.”

Whether that threat is real or perceived doesn’t have Anelli any less unnerved. “It’s awful what she’s done to me,” Anelli says, regarding the situation. “There is no structure in place to help you when someone overseas stalks you. It’s incredibly difficult to explain how serious cyberstalking is until you’ve been through it: it gets into every facet of your life. What makes it so hard is that there is very little regulation around it…” said Anelli. I’ve had to change everything about the way I communicate with people publicly, and how I handle my privacy,” Acknowledging, "I can’t be relieved or happy yet: this isn’t the end…”


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