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New Girl Recap:


Caitlin Swift

Staff Writer

This week we learn a lot about Nick Miller, and it makes me love him even more. The irresponsible mess is actually pretty responsible family man. Getting a call from his mom Nick is informed that his father, Walt the con man, has passed away due to a heart attack. Winston, Schmidt, and Jess pack up and head home to Chicago with Nick for support.

We meet Nick’s brother Jamie and his cousin, who are errr… a little rough. Then out of nowhere we meet Mrs. Bonnie Miller (played by Margo Martindale) who is quite the character. She does not take kindly to Jess but welcomes Winston and Schmidt back with open arms. Upon Nick’s arrival we learn nothing is planned and Nick will have to take charge, which he does. Walt will have the Elvis themed funeral he has always wanted.

Feeling overwhelmed Nick asks Jess to write Walt’s eulogy for him. Not really feeling comfortable with the situation, Jess reluctantly agrees. Upstairs, we learn that Schmidt is uncomfortable with the idea death and no longer wants to go to the funeral. Winston decides that he will coach him through the process of an open casket funeral.

After having words with Bonnie and upsetting her, Jess tells Nick he just can’t write Walt’s eulogy. Upset and overwhelmed, Nick takes off. The funeral begins, and Nick is nowhere to be found. Schmidt is cowering in a corner because he assumes that much like a wedding you can’t see the body before the funeral. Nick arrives drunk off his ass with a big drunk guy who will be playing Elvis.

Schmidt witnesses Nick’s cousin trying to take a gold chain from Walt’s casket. Facing his fears, Schmidt rushes in to stop the shenanigans. He is overcome with power when he realizes that he has conquered his fear of death. Jess is attempting to sober Nick and Elvis up and isn’t too successful with Elvis. With that, they send Winston in to stall.

All is well until Winston chokes and becomes overcome with emotion. We’re talking full out wailing and flailing. And he was the one coaching Schmidt?! Bonnie finds the drunk Elvis and declares the funeral ruined. When Jess tries to talk to her, she shuts dress out and writes her off. Since Jess needs to be liked, she sucks it up and suits up. White jump suits up that is.

Bonnie stands by the casket in disbelief as Jess launches into Elivs’ ‘In the Ghetto’. Nick finally comes around and watches her with, what’s that… maybe love?! in his eyes. Bonnie threatens to hit Jess, and that’s where Nick steps in. He gives a eulogy that was straight from his heart. Jess was up there standing by his side holding his hand. If this isn’t love, then I really have no idea what is. Staying in character Jess leads the congregation in a sing-along. Even hardheaded bonnie joins in. Funeral saved thanks to Jess and her quirky ways!

The gang packs up and gets ready to head back home. Bonnie has finally decided to accept Jess and pulls her in for a hug and packs her some Cheetos for the ride. Nick is the last one out the door, and he and his mom have a moment. She apologizes to him for making him step up when he was song young but tells him that she’s so happy that he has found someone to take care of him. Pan to Jess trying to open her Cheetos with mittens… She’s got mom’s blessing now Nick better get his shit together!

As much as I hope next week, we will find Nick and Jess together something tells me this is going to be long and drawn out process like Ross and Rachel. Until next week my quirky friends!

Instagram: PopWrapped 


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