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New Girl Recap: "Winston's Birthday"

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


05/11/2013 12:12 pm
New Girl Recap:

Caitlin Swift

Staff Writer

Last week New Girl ended with Nick and Jess in their post coitus haze. I have been on the edge of my seat ever since. This week’s episode opens on the morning after. Surprisingly things are awkward. But we are only mere seconds into the show.

Nick sneaks out and begins whipping up what appears to be a pretty amazing post sex breakfast. After debating whether or not to wear a flower in his hair, he’s set to go woo his lady. Unfortunately he turns the corner and is faced with every guy’s nightmare, Jess’s father… who just happens to be in town for CeCe’s wedding. Nothing kills a post-sex buzz like a parental unit.

Jess’s dad calls him out on the lady food. He gives it to Winston, which is perfect because it’s his birthday (what?! Was that on the calendar?). We also catch Schmidt and Elizabeth, who are so smitten and in love. Things just seem to be going well for everybody!

Oh but it only gets better! Jess gets an opportunity to teach children again. That leave’s Nick to entertain her dad for the day. Riddled with Maid of Honor duties as well Jess delegates the task of the wedding sari pick-up to Winston, who thinks he’s getting a surprise party instead. Jess is actually not interviewing but subbing for what appears to be the world’s worst class. What is a girl to do?!

Nick and Bob are hitting it off. So well in fact that Nick feels that he can be open and honest with him. He tells Bob about him all about Yolanda Winston, the girl he is in love with. Schmidt is running into his own issues when Elizabeth shows up for lunch in a kitschy t-shirt. So not Schmidt.  

Jess attempts to escape during lunch to check on things with her dad and help CeCe out. She calls Nick and flips that they are discussing girls. CeCe beeps in to reveal that she’s slept on her henna and now it has stained her face. Things are falling apart and fast! Can Jess save the day?!

Maybe not so much. In attempt to help CeCe, Jess actually makes it worse. Instead of looking like Mike Tyson, she now looks like she has a beard. Nick and Bob start to have a heart to heart about Nick’s father. In a state of vulnerability Nick reveals that the girl, Yolanda, he’s been talking about is actually Jess…

Bob is ready to kill him.

Bob is upset Jess picked Nick. More because he was Nick. Confused with no plan. Nick is not his father but Bob. And Bob thinks he is not good enough for his little girl. Poor Winston walks in during the emotional purging with a sheet cake he bought for himself. Please share Winston, I think I need to eat my feelings too.

When Jess gets back to the school in her state of rage, she somehow finds a way to get through to the unruly kids. Look like this crazy day might just end in employment. Jess also called Shivrang, who came to CeCe’s aid and loves her beard and all. Schmidt makes up for his tacky clothes outburst and rescues Elizabeth from what has to be one of the most dull dates I’ve ever witnessed.

All is almost well in New Girl-land. Jess comes home to Bob blowing up the air mattress in the hall between her and Nick’s room. He’ll do whatever he can to stop her from making a mistake. Jess takes a stand and tells him it’s her mess that she has to make (you go girl! I’d make that mess too!) Nick text’s her to come to the roof. He’s waiting with the breakfast he had originally planned for the morning. One hundred points to Nick Miller. You are a gem.

Schmidt and Elizabeth end up on the roof too and Winston arrives and thinks it’s his party. All appears well, but yet we still don’t know what Jess and Nick are. Hopefully next week we’ll have some answers!


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