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Music PopWrapped | Music

New Music Released in August

Amy Jereb | PopWrapped Author

Amy Jereb

08/31/2017 6:35 pm
PopWrapped | Music
New Music Released in August | new music
Media Courtesy of Billboard

With summer coming to a close, one last round of summer jams, feel good tracks, and indie tunes were released. From Arcade Fire to Taylor Swift’s single, August has seen it all. Here is a roundup of new music from the month!

1. Learn to Let Go by Kesha

Kesha’s new album Rainbow dropped early this month. Although each song has quality content, “Learn to Let Go” is an anthem for anyone trying to move past a hard life event. Kesha explains, “Life isn’t always fair, but hell is living in resentment / Choose redemption, your happy ending’s up to you” and decides it’s “time to practice what I preach.” The rest of the chorus is a feel good bop telling us, “the past can’t haunt,” if we, “don’t let it.” The positivity of “Learn to Let Go” causes its presence on this list!

2. Walk on Water by Thirty Seconds to Mars

Thirty Seconds to Mars has been relevant for a drastic number of years. “Walk on Water” is an ode to a changing political atmosphere. Despite the song sounding largely like a track from the early part of the 21st century, the song’s lyrics bear an intense connection to today’s political atmosphere. Between this and the epic choir in the bridge, “Walk on Water” is a song that needs to be listened to.

3. Voice Memo by Amber Ryann

“Voice Memo” is a stimulating track on Amber Ryann’s EP. The song speaks of “running out of gasoline” as Ryann also speaks to the current political atmosphere. The instrumentals are unique and unexpected, increasing in intensity as the song continues. The then stripped nature of the bridge is high impact, creating a song that will leave you thinking.

4. Havana by Camilia Cabello ft. Young Thug

Former member of Fifth Harmony, Camila Cabello released her single early in the month. The incredibly catchy beat combined with Camilia’s vocals and the obvious Latin American influences create a catchy, somewhat sultry single. "Havana" is perfect for creating a chill party atmosphere or cruising around town. Although somewhat late to be a summer hit, it could have had summer fame.

5. "Younger Now" by Miley Cyrus

Even if you are still boycotting Miley Cyrus for “Wrecking Ball”, “Younger Now” is a must listen. This single showcases a big change in genre for Miley, who seems to be branching outside of the constraints of a singular genre. The guitar and echo to Miley’s vocals is reminiscent of the 90’s and early 2000’s country music when names like Shania Twain and The Dixie Chicks ruled the scene. The content of the song is Miley’s awakening as she sings about realizing who she really is; not her childhood self, but something that feels younger than who she has been recently. The character arc portrayed in the song makes it a single of importance.

6. "Run" by Wildwood Kin

The entire album, titled Turning Tides is well worth checking out if you like indie music similar to Lord Huron, but “Run” is the track which speaks the strongest. “Run” explains staying together through thick and thin in the least cliche way possible. “I’ll hold you close I promise I / won’t let go / Sometimes we break but never notice how / Far we’ve run” they sing in a style that invites nostalgia. “Run” (and the rest of Turning Tides) is an inspiring album.

7. "Everything Now" by Arcade Fire

The album dropped in late July, just missing inclusion in the last of these articles so here it is: Arcade Fire’s “Everything Now”. The song is undoubtedly a 70’s influenced song which would not sound out of place on a movie soundtrack (such as that of Perks of Being a Wallflower). This song also includes a stripped bridge with “nah nah nah”s which sound like a crowd singing back to the band at a concert. This song is made for experiencing nostalgia.

8. "He Like That" by Fifth Harmony

Despite the music video not being a recommendation, “He Like That” is another hit from Fifth Harmony. The song has chill vibes and catchy lyrics about finding a connection with someone while out on the town. Typical for Fifth Harmony, the song includes R&B vibes and sexy undertones, as well as stellar vocals.

9. "Dear Life" by Beck

The Grammy winner’s new single starts off with some classic piano notes before delving into meaningful lyrics and an upbeat tone. However, the words Beck sings are dark in nature. The juxtaposition of the seemingly depressed lyrics (voicing a dissatisfaction with life and waiting for the infatuation with it to end) and upbeat instrumentals have created a very interesting song worth a listen!

10. Hungry by Fergie ft. Rick Ross

You're about to read a sentence you never thought you would read about Fergie: her song's instrumentals sound like Florence and the Machine. The overlay of these with the rap creates something new, dark, and worth exploration. There may not be meaning to the lyrics (pretty sure Fergie is just rubbing it in our faces that she is having sex with Josh Duhamel and is richer than we can ever hope to be) but the sound of this song is revolutionary. 


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