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Newsroom Recap: What Happened On "News Night With Will McAvoy"?

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


08/12/2013 4:23 am
Newsroom Recap: What Happened On

Jacob Elyachar
Staff Writer

We are more than halfway into season two. Already fans have learned about the Genoa story that causes the News Night with Will McAvoy staff to fall from grace. 

In addition, several characters experienced heartbreak, backstabbing and an arrest throughout the first four episodes.  

Tonight, the show took on one of the most talked about stories of the past three years. One of News Night’s loved ones also landed in the hospital!  

In addition, Sloan landed in hot water because of a bad decision she made off-camera.   

What happened?  Read on to find out….


Let’s start out with the character that landed in the hospital….

It turns out it was Will’s estranged father.  Will received a phone call before the newscast. He did not pick up the phone because he was about to go live. During a break, he found out that his father had a heart attack and landed in the hospital. 

Unfortunately, Will could not call his father to talk to him despite the constant nudges that Mac gave the News Night anchor until it was too late and he died.

Besides his daddy issues, Will received a disgruntled tweet from a waitress. She accused him of being rude to her while she was working.  Knowing that this incident would continue to derail Will’s attempt to redeem himself with the American public, Mac told Neal to not to respond. Will wanted to do the opposite.

They were not the only bickering former couple that was butting heads in this episode… 

Jim and Maggie had several awkward conversations that dealt with Jim’s current (and possible) flame Hallie Shea (Maggie was a fan of her work).  As they were waiting for the George Zimmerman 911 phone call to go through, however, Jim realized that Maggie has turned to liquor after the tragedy she experienced in Africa. Maggie’s PSTD moment also started to affect her work in the episode. She erased a crucial part of a phone call, which News Night made a correction at the end of the broadcast.

Another person going through a rough time this episode was Sloan Sabbith.  News Night’s resident economist found herself in hot water after topless photos of her were posted onto the World Wide Web. After an intense grilling session with Charlie and Reese Lansing, Sloan revealed that her ex-boyfriend was the culprit. He took the pictures using a camera that she gave him at the holidays.  

While she moped in Don’s office, Maggie’s ex-boy-toy bonded with the economist and helped her cheer her up. She confronted and injured the ex-boyfriend at his office. It seems that this could be the start of a wonderful romance that we might see as we head to the home stretch.

Around the News Night offices, Charlie received actual proof that Genoa was the real deal. Jim and Neal dealt with two crank callers. Mac shot down a Rutgers student’s nationwide coming out announcement.

Next week: The Genoa storyline heats up as the team starts to interview soldiers for the segment that could cost them everything!


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