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Newtown Reacts To Glee's "Shooting Star"

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


04/12/2013 11:00 pm
Newtown Reacts To Glee's

Bec Heim

Content Editor

In what is Glee’s most controversial episode to date, “Shooting Star” has divided everyone down the middle. Half of the audience seemed to have loved it: citing a gripping emotional message, well acted scenes and a how the subject matter itself was tackled. The other half condemned the episode: citing emotional manipulation and that it was too soon after the Sandy Hook shootings to bring up such a message.

Glee wanted to people talking? Well, they definitely have people talking now.

In light of the controversial episode, it seems everyone wants to know exactly what Newtown thought of the episode.

A Newtown based group formed after the Sandy Hook shooting, The Newtown Action Alliance, issued a warning to “not watch the episode or watch with caution”. Before the episode aired, Glee had put up a warning about the episode’s sensitive subject matter also telling viewers to use their discretion.

Andrew Paley, whose sons survived the Sandy Hook massacre, had this to say to CNN this morning: “We have no problem, at least the parents I’ve spoken to, that they aired an episode that had a school shooting. It’s reality. It happened here. It happened at Columbine. … What’s really upsetting is that no one, none of the producers, reached out to the town of Newtown to let us residents who were so close to this episode know .”

Since the episode aired neither The Newtown Action Alliance, FOX or Ryan Murphy have answered comments.

However, pre-episode airing, a rep for 20th Television told The Hollywood Reporter that the plot will continue in the four remaining episodes of season four: "All we can say on that front is, ‘Stay tuned’. "

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