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Spoilers PopWrapped | Spoilers

Nick and Jess Kiss! A Recap of This Week's New Girl!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


02/01/2013 3:13 am
PopWrapped | Spoilers
Nick and Jess Kiss! A Recap of This Week's New Girl!


Kelly Aruanno

Staff Writer

I’m going to hit pause on my excitement for just a moment so that I can try and type this up.

 I’m sad to say that I didn’t watch this episode of New Girl live because I had no idea anything major was going to happen. Personally, I don’t think this season has been as funny as the last. Except for the Christmas episode (which was absolutely hilarious), there’s not one other one that I’ve kept on my DVR to watch later. So, imagine my surprise when I check into GetGlue a few minutes after the show ended for my New Girl sticker and see everyone in the conversation section exclaiming that, “Nick and Jess kissed!!”

 Of course I had to immediately go to my DVR and turn it on so that I could watch one of the moments I’ve been waiting for (since the first episode of the series, mind you) and see how it happened.

 This episode started off with a complete Red Herring – We had Nick calling Jess his “cooler” (meaning that she always cools things down so much, he can’t get laid) and all the boys of the loft going out to land girls. Even when they all end up back at home and start a game of drunken Strip True American, the writers keep you distracted with Nick trying to win the affections of the beautiful Holly (played by Brooklyn Decker) and Jess trying to assist him in his sexual endeavors.

Eventually, through a serious series of missteps, Jess and Nick end up stuck in a room together with the whole gang chanting for them to kiss. I was a little bummed at first when I thought this was how their first kiss was going to go down. It would be typical New Girl,having half-naked Jess kiss woman’s coat wearing Nick with all their friends egging them on, but it wouldn’t be romantic. That’s right, I’m a big softy at heart and I live for the big romantic moments that happen when a couple I’ve been rooting for finally get together.

Luckily, Nick shared my sentiment.

 “No, not like this!” he exclaims before literally climbing out a window to escape having to elaborate further. It was at this point that I really wished I hadn’t been spoiled on what was going to happen. Since they didn’t kiss then, I knew it had to happen at some point before the end of the episode and sure enough, moments later it happened.

 After giving his neighbor back her coat in the middle of the night when she shows up at his door to reign in her dog, Jess and Nick go to head back to their rooms.


Jess: “Well, I guess the old Nick is back, huh?”
Nick: “Yeah, I’m gonna miss trench-coat Nick. He was pretty great.”
Jess: “I might miss him.”
Nick: “I liked him. He had guts.”
Jess: “It was a woman’s coat… Good night, Nick.”
Nick: “Good night.”

This conversation ends with Nick grabbing Jess and pulling her in for a kiss. Not a peck on the lips, an actual kiss. A… completely reciprocated, longer than ten seconds, had my jaw on the floor… kiss. To top it all off, before slinking back to his room, Nick perfectly elaborates on his earlier sentiment with a mumbled, “I meant something like that. 

Cue some major squealing from Nick/Jess fans here (present company included). I’m excited to see how this is going to play out because their chemistry has been so well developed over the different episodes. Either this is the start of a beautiful and downright zany relationship, or it was a teaser for something that won’t come to be for a couple more seasons. (COMING SOON!) (COMING SOON!)

Instagram: PopWrapped


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