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Nightwing Could Have His Wings Clipped Before Flight

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


07/26/2013 6:39 pm
Nightwing Could Have His Wings Clipped Before Flight

Ben Patton

Content Editor

The team behind the CW hit Arrow, have a fanboy fantasy that they may never fulfill.

During Comic Con, executive producers revealed the fantasy character they’d love to introduce to the show is Nightwing. Nightwing is the persona Dick Grayson assumes after he sheds his Robin uniform to lead the Teen Titans full time.

Sadly an announcement made at Comic Con may have this fantasy forever in limbo. Man of Steel director Zack Snyder confirmed that a Batman/Superman movie was in the works for 2015. 

This announcement puts a dampener on crossover plans the Arrow team had for Dick Grayson’s Nightwing. “We’ve heard the fans and we’re very well aware that they would like to see Nightwing and various other Bat-characters on the show,” said the

Andrew Kreisberg

and Marc Guggnehim. "[But] that is a little bit out of our control, [and] I think [that movie] announcement made it a lot more out of our control!"


This bittersweet announcement for an epic Batman/Superman may have changed the plan, but the dream is not dead. “We’re like fanboys and its wish fulfillment for us every time we put a new DC character on the table,” the duo admitted.

Arrow will return to The CW in the US and to Sky1 in the UK later this year.

Check out the Arrow Video from this year’s Comic Con 




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