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Nintendo Direct Event! What Happened?!?!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


05/19/2013 4:09 am
Nintendo Direct Event! What Happened?!?!

Erica Wong-Den

Staff Writer

Yesterday was the quickly slated Nintendo Direct presentation aired on the Nintendo Direct website and Facebook. While the presentation itself was a good thirty minutes or so, the content reviewed was rather lacking.

First presented was yet another Mario and Sonic title, this time at the Sochi Winter Olympics. I have to give it to them in the sense that they even took the time to explain to the audience where the heck Sochi even is (Russia, apparently), but frankly, it’s hard to get excited about watching Mario and/or Sonic perform yet another hollow feeling Olympic feat.

Almost asleep at this point, my ears perked at the mention of Sonic: Lost World, only for me to be rapidly disappointed as they simply stated: “More details to be announced at E3.” Well, thanks for the non-information there, Nintendo.

Nintendo will be releasing more Game Gear titles to its online purchasing medium, the Nintendo eShop.

Soon after that, came the bits from Nintendo Treehouse that was especially disappointing. Immediately the names Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages and Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons were mentioned and I was ready to go with some in depth presentation only to be told a release date (May 30th) and prices ($5.99 each, or $4.99 if bought between May 30th through June 20th).

And yes, then came Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move.

I will openly state that puzzles are not my thing, so perhaps I may be a bit biased when I say that this title sounds profoundly boring. Once the novelty of jumping through some puzzles and making puzzles wears off, I can readily imagine myself storing it away into the ‘Ninendo game abyss’ that is my DS game collection.

Aside from that, a new Donkey Kong title, Donkey Kong Returns 3D, was announced to be released on May 24th. A promising offering, the game is set to let players play the original game as well as unlock eight new levels based on the original game. Another Animal Crossing, Animal Crossing: A New Leaf was expanded upon in a clip of Nintendo’s video series on the new game found at:  

Game and Wario was also detailed and is set to be released June 23rd for $39.99.

Interestingly, they did mention Resident Evil: Revelations but not nearly enough, simply stating that one could access features via the Wii U remote screen… just as they always mention. The game itself will be available May 21st.

Right after, New Super Luigi U, a title featuring Luigi as the main character playing through classic styled Mario Bros. levels was also talked about since 2013 is what Nintendo is calling “The Year of Luigi”; players will get to play as Luigi, several Toads, and Nabbit (a character from New Super Mario Bros U). The game’s release date is June 20th.

Thus far, the information seemed shallow yet at least somewhat relevant until The Wonderful 101 was mentioned. Pulling another Sonic: Lost World, they mentioned the game and simply stated that more details were to come and a release date of September15th. Really, Nintendo? Really?!

Pikmin 3 dominated the rest of the presentation, with way more detail than previous mentions. This time around, the player will be able to play as three main characters: Alph, Charlie and Brittany, and control various areas of the map simultaneously as well as call upon previous knowledge to solve obstacles instead of starting over and over again like in the previous Pikmin installations. Alongside those revisions is the map of previously explored areas that is displayed on the Wii U controller, which in my opinion is a pretty nifty way to present that information. Release date for Pikmin 3 is set for August 3rd.

After all was said and done, it was pretty clear that this was more of a rushed presentation to get a word in before the highly anticipated May 21st Xbox reveal than a chance to showcase some groundbreaking Nintendo content.

Hopefully, their next Direct presentation (just before E3) will be a little more fleshed out.



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