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Spoilers PopWrapped | Spoilers

Not Time to Mourn The Walking Dead Yet: Season 4 Intel Has Arrived!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


04/04/2013 1:23 am
PopWrapped | Spoilers
Not Time to Mourn The Walking Dead Yet: Season 4 Intel Has Arrived!


Erika Rivera

Managing Editor

After last Sunday’s shocking and surprising season 3 finale of The Walking Dead, the fans didn’t have to wait to long to be given a taste of what they can expect in season 4. The show wrapped up its season with tons of people dying and moving to new places.  The hit drama is set to return in October but in the meantime, Entertainment Weekly has shared an exclusive video with fans on what they can expect from season 4.

For those who saw the season finale, we were given the impression that the Governor was gone for good after he (SPOILER ALERT) massacred his own citizens and took off like a bat out of hell with Martinez and the other accomplice. Guess we can nip that idea in the bud as Co-Executive producer Denise Huth says “The Governor is still out there. The war is not over. Rick and our group here won the first round and scared him off.” The evil continues!

Many were also left wondering about Carl Grimes and his budding psychopathic tendencies after he (SPOILER ALERT) shot another soldier who appear to be handing over his weapon. “Carl’s changing,” shared Huth. According to Huth,  she continues with, “It’s a huge wake-up call for Rick. And it’s a big fear for him moving into  the next season. Is Carl going to be Rick, or is Carl going to be the Governor? And right now Carl could either way.”

The world of The Walking Dead  is moving beyond the prison-Woodbury feud in the new season, according to the video. Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman shared this: “We will be getting into more world building, more civilization being brought back. A little bit more of a bigger sense of community.” Sound intriguing. If fans think it will be a smooth transition with some of the citizens of Woodbury moving into the prison, they may want to think twice about assuming that. Executive producer Gale Anne Hurd raised a really important question: “What’s going to happen as these two groups who literally were at war with each other moments before; how are they going to integrate?”

Check out the promo video for more scoop about The Walking Dead’s new season, coming to a boob tube near you in October! Until then, rewatch this season and the others as a way to hold you all over until then! Waiting sucks!


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