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Spoilers PopWrapped | Spoilers

O-M-Glee Spoiler: 'Don't Stop Believing' To Be Sung on Glee Again!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/18/2013 2:35 am
PopWrapped | Spoilers
O-M-Glee Spoiler: 'Don't Stop Believing' To Be Sung on Glee Again!

Bec Heim

Content Editor

Don’t get excited here folks.

We’re not. Well the majority of us aren’t.

I admit that I have deep, deep issues with Rachel Berry mainly stemming from season three and four. I get that she’s a character but well even television characters can piss you off.

This season her storyline has been boring, which is the worse crime a story can be. She’s gotten everything she wanted this season. She got to NYADA. She got a makeover at Vogue. She has hot prostitute boyfriend. She got to be with Finn without actually cheating on said boyfriend. She won the NYADA winter showcase as a freshman. Hell even her pregnancy subplot struck more terror in our hearts at the thought of her pregnant.

No the New York plots to me are only good if Kurt and Santana are involved. Hell they improved drastically for most people the moment they brought in Santana Lopez.

Naya Rivera, for that alone, you deserve an award of some kind. Perhaps the Nobel Peace Prize.

Seriously. When you are actively rooting for someone to fail, it’s gotten bad. Now she’s auditioning for Funny Girl.

And she’s not using a Streisand song for it either.

As a friend of mine said when I told her the news: “Ugh! THE ONE TIME IT MAKES SENSE FOR HER TO SING A F**KING STREISAND SONG AND SHE DOESN’T?!”

Nope. Rachel Berry will be singing “Don’t Stop Believing”.



No Glee. You don’t get to do that. The only time you’re allowed to use that song is when the series is OVER. USE IT AS THE FINAL NUMBER DAMMIT!

I mean you start with this song, you END with this song.

She can’t sing this solo. LEAST of all for a Broadway audition. It’s Journey. It works better when you have multiple people dorking out and singing along with it!

As my fellow PopWrapped

Content Editor


Erika Rivera

 said this is a song that “people are supposed to sing at their lowest point in order to build themselves up. Rachel hasn’t had a lowest point yet this season. All she has done is just been there succeeding without even really trying at it. And if there was a failure it happened off screen.”

Finn should be singing this song. Puck should be singing this song. If has to be sung at all let someone who actually had real legitimate failures this season sing the song about being the underdog and having great triumph. Otherwise it just feels hollow.

Which is exactly how we are going to feel when Rachel sings it.


Lea Michele you may have an amazing voice but something is missing in Rachel’s plots and a voice alone is just not doing it anymore. (COMING SOON!) (COMING SOON!) 

Instagram: PopWrapped 


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