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Oh Boy Why Do "We Need To Talk About Danny" In This Twisted Recap?

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


07/30/2013 4:13 am
Oh Boy Why Do

Nicole MacDowell

Staff Writer

The coach is talking to the soccer team, preparing them for their game in two days. He decides to change the line up and puts Danny on defence and moves Cole to his position. He dismisses the team and Archie walks over to Lacey, who is waiting for him. Danny walks past and says hello to Lacey which prompts a verbal attack from Archie. Lacey stands up for Danny and tells Archie to stop being a bully. Archie stays silent and walks away, slightly aggravated.

At Jo’s house, Jo is asleep in her room when Danny sneaks in through the window. The two talk about Jo being grounded and how they didn’t find anything in Connecticut. Danny thinks she’s hiding something from him and she tells him to get his sweaty body off her bed. So, he takes his shirt off. He gets close to her and they begin making out when she wakes up. She realizes that it was a dream and thinks that she might have feelings for him.

Danny and his mother are talking about moving on from the necklace after Karen tells Danny she got rid of it. Danny starts arguing with her about it but soon realizes that maybe she did the right thing. Before he leaves for an early morning workout with Cole, she tells him that she knows that he didn’t kill Regina.

Back at Jo’s house, Kyle and Tess are trying to work out their issues when Jo comes down for school. She alleviates the tension in the room by telling her dad that she’ll be at school until 10 for PSAT prep classes. Kyle agrees and leaves for work. After he leaves, Jo asks her mom what Vikram was like before he died to try and piece together what was happening between him and Regina.

At school, Phoebe, Lacey and Serida are trying to figure out which of Regina’s “boy toys” was from Connecticut. Phoebe’s brother, Tyler, approaches the trio and announces that it’s his birthday and then invites them to his party, which is being thrown at a cemetery.

Across the building, Jo admits to Rico that she has a crush on Danny. Then, she asks him to give her reasons to make her forget about the feelings she has for him. Rico fails and ends up only pushing Jo closer to Danny.

After school at the fort, Jo and Lacey meet up and discuss the note. Jo tells Lacey that she thinks that Regina knew what really happened to Vikram and that someone was paying her for her silence. Jo tells Lacey that she has to be the one to ask Danny about why he killed his aunt.

Back at school, Danny is leaving to meet up with Lacey, in secret of course, so she can ask why he killed Tara. He avoids the question by telling her that all he’s been able to think about is kissing her and she walks away, leaving him alone.

At the police station, Chief Masterson orders the lake in McNally Park to be searched again. One of the officers tells him that they’ve looked twice already and nobody can find anything. The Chief tells him that finding the necklace is the most important thing and that the lake must be combed again. The officer nods and walks off, leaving Chief Masterson frustrated.

At soccer practice, Coach tells the team that Cole is in the hospital for severe food poisoning. He puts Danny back in his original position as forward and tells the team to start warming up. They all glare at Danny because they assume that he poisoned Cole to get his position back.

At PSAT prep, Jo tells Rico that she’ll stop obsessing over Danny. He appears relieved until she adds that she’ll stop after she knows everything. He shakes his head because he knows that trying to reason with her won’t get him anywhere.

At the pottery class, Tess tells Danny that he’s a natural at making vases. Danny asks her for advice about a girl he likes, clarifying that it isn’t Jo. Tess tells him that the best thing to do after trying everything is to just wait and slowly work on the relationship. Tess walks away and Danny gets a text from Coach telling him to come down to the school.

Danny arrives at Coach’s office and he’s told that moth balls were found in the locker room trash. Danny insists that he wouldn’t do anything like that to Cole because he sees Cole as a friend. Danny claims someone is trying to sabotage him but Coach won’t hear any of it. Coach makes him quit the team quietly. He says that if anyone asks to say he had to quit for personal reasons. He tells Danny that this is the best way to do things to avoid legal trouble for both of them.

Jo sees Danny leaving Coach’s office and asks him what’s wrong. Danny refuses to tell her, and before she can try to force answers out of him Tyler approaches. He invites both of them to the party. He tells Jo that the only way he can come is if Jo goes as well.

Jo returns to the PSAT prep room and tells Rico that she’s leaving for the party. Rico gets mad at her for ditching the PSAT prep and scolds her for going out with Danny. Jo ignores him and tells him to tell anybody who asks that she’s in the bathroom.

Across town, Chief Masterson meets Karen at the diner. He tries to talk to her civilly and she ignores him until she realizes that he won’t go away. She tells him that she failed a job interview because she’s Danny’s mother. After, the two continue making small talk without fighting.

At the party, Archie offers Lacey a beer but she declines. When he looks hurt, she snaps at him saying that she doesn’t have to drink to have a fun time. She looks over and sees Danny and Jo arriving and everybody stops and watches them.

Soon after arriving, Danny and Jo are drinking when Lacey walks over to Jo. She tells her that Danny avoided her questioning as well. The two girls decide that the only way to get answers is to team up and stay united. They decide to meet twenty minutes later away from the party.

Elsewhere, Archie and some of the soccer team approach Danny and Archie tells him not to get too drunk because of the game the next day. Danny tells him that he quit the team for “personal reasons”. Before Archie can say anything, Jo drags him away to avoid another fight.

Back at the diner, Karen tells Kyle that she’s jealous of Kyle and Tess’ marriage because they always seem to work out their issues and they both care about Jo. She admits that she wishes she had been closer to Vikram. Kyle comments about Vikram not being around too much and she gets angry, storming out of the diner.

Back in the cemetery, Lacey meets up with Danny and Jo at an old crypt and the girls corner him. They demand to know why he killed Tara and they try to force all of his secrets out. He tells them that he was framed for poisoning Cole and was kicked off the soccer team. Jo decides to tell him that Regina may have known his father and that his father may not have died accidentally and that he may still be alive. Danny gets mad at them for not saying anything and walks away.

Jo follows Danny and tries to apologize for keeping secrets from him. Danny tells Jo that Vikram and Tara hated each other. He tells her that the reason he killed Tara was because Tara was going to tear his family apart. He tells her that she had the power to rip them apart. He tells her that he won’t say anything else because he wants to keep her safe. She asks about his father and what he said to him before he died and Danny confesses that Vikram had stopped visiting him in juvy long before he died. Jo tells him that she has to go to meet curfew and leaves.

Back by the party, Serida approaches Lacey and tells her that the party moved to the diner. She also tells Lacey that she knows what’s going on. She tells Lacey that she has to choose who she’d rather be friends with because she can’t have it both ways.

Lacey heads back towards Danny and he tells her that he can never have a normal life and that he can never be happy because of his past. He asks her why she came back for him and she tells him that she believes him. The two of them begin kissing until Lacey notices that they are standing over Tara’s grave. Lacey leaves quickly, leaving Danny standing alone on his aunt’s grave.

Lacey meets up with the party-goers at the diner and Archie approaches her. She tells him that they need to talk and pulls him outside.

At home, Jo and Tess are talking about Danny and Tess admits that Danny was her star pupil. Jo confides in her mother that she has feelings for Danny. She then confirms that she might actually love him. Tess doesn’t discourage her, but tells her to be careful.

At the Desai house, Danny comes home and Karen tells him that she got the job because of a last minute recommendation from Kyle Masterson. Danny is in shock that he would do something nice for them considering he has it out for Danny. Danny goes to ask about his father but decides not to, not wanting to ruin his mother’s good mood.

Back at the Masterson house, Tess is cleaning the garage after pottery when Kyle returns home. She tells him that Jo, got home in time for her 10 PM curfew. The two apologize for the things that they’ve said and done and they make up. Upstairs, Jo calls Danny. The call goes to voicemail and she wants to tell him how she feels but hangs up before she has the chance.

Across town, Danny sees the missed call and goes to call her back when there is a knock at the door. He answers and finds Lacey standing there. She tells him that she just broke up with Archie and that she wants to be with him.

Back at the Masterson house, Kyle is getting ready to head to bed when there is a knock at his door. He opens it to find one of his officers. The officer apologizes for disturbing him at home so late and tells him that there is good cause.

He reaches into his pocket and pulls out the necklace.


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