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Once Creators Caution About Peter Pan In Never, Neverland

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


08/09/2013 10:27 pm
Once Creators Caution About Peter Pan In Never, Neverland

Susan Booth

Staff Writer

Once Upon A Time fans have a lot to look forward to in regards to the upcoming third season of the hit ABC series.  

We’ve also got the Peter Pan story line that will be apart of the new season. All of us Oncers should be more than worried!

When Once Upon A Time returns this fall, it’s going to take us all into the world of Neverland, but try to keep in mind that this isn’t going to be the fun fairy tale we all grew up hearing at bedtime and reading to our own children. Earlier this week, the Once creators Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis gave the inside scoop behind Peter Pan, the new villain, and how life in Neverland isn’t al fun and games.

Plus, they talk about our beloved little mermaid Ariel and Tinkerbell, who has a strange connection to to an very unlikely character.

When we last saw the heroes, they were already heading into Neverland in order to rescue Henry from Peter Pan.

Peter Pan is no longer that sweet boy who didn’t want to grow up. He’s something much darker now.

Kitsis says that we should all be extremely weary about this version of Peter. “Rumplestilskin or Mr. Gold. He’s a man we should all be frightened of. I think that if he’s a little worried, then we should all be very worried.”

Horowitz added that like Peter Pan; Neverland is not something you want to mess around.

Horowitz said: “Well for us, Neverland is kind of a place were you confront your past. It’s sort of the heart of darkness and to be a 200 year old person, you know because you didn’t grow up there, you have to keep yourself amused.”

Don’t worry guys, the creators have said that all the twisted details will be revealed in a timely fashion.

"However long Peter Pan has been there and for whatever reason he has been there, we intend to reveal our take on that and on the legend of Peter Pan." Horowitz said. "We have a way that that it intertwines with our OUAT mythology theat we’re really excited to unveil."

E! Online confirmed that Rose Mclver will be putting on the sparkly wings and becoming our Tinkerbell. As it turns out, the fairy has a connection to two of the characters on the Jolly Roger, but no one knows who as of yet.

Kitsis said: “Obviously Hook has spent some time in Neverland and so it’s no surprise that Tinkerbell would be living there. But, we’re going to be getting into her story  and she has a very special connection to somebody on that ship.”

In regards to Ariel, the executive producers are more than confident that Ariel’s long anticipated arrival will make a big splash with the fans.

"The reveal of Ariel, who she is and when she is coming is not something we’re ready to announce just yet. But, it is something that we’re very excited about." Horowitz enthused.

Just like all the other fairytale characters in Once Upon A Time that we have come across in the past two seasons, Ariel will come into the story slowly.

Horowitz said: “You know us, we love to give nods to the iconography and I don’t think it will be any different with Ariel. There will be a nod to what we all know and love about her and hopefully there will be a really cool twist.” 

Season three of Once Upon A Time premieres on Sunday September 29th at 8pm on ABC!


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